Recap January 29, 2021

The skeletons were easy to defeat but as soon as the last one was destroyed the bonfire spit out 9 more. Those fell easy as well but the bonfire continued to spit out skeletons.

Six more skeletons popped out of the bonfire but they too were defeated. Tharja thought there has to be a way to stop this skeletons from generating from the infernal bonfire. She thought that a bless spell or similar magic would take care of it. He told the group and Calmers and Reya stepped forward and they were able to douse the fire. No more skeletons would rise from this place. Jockrates and Jazulon saw bits of shiny around the bones from the bonfire. At first they thought they had found more soul coins but these were just regular coins. Picking them up, they would divide them up later.

They headed up the hill toward High Hall.

This clifftop castle was once the crowning architectural jewel of Elturel. Only three of it s five watchtowers towers still stand, though they appear abandoned. The wooden gates that once led into the castle grounds have been shattered, leaving a gaping hole in the wall. The west side of t he castle has been reduced to a pile of smashed brick and broken wood . The surviving buildings are blackened by soot. At the center of the castle grounds, the High Hall cathedral stands defiant.

They decided to go stealthy as a just in case. It was a good thing that they did as Nym saw a hell hound guarding the center courtyard. The hell hound sniffed the air and pointed his nose at them but it did not to attack. Two more hell hounds appeared from within the courtyard and they all rushed towards the the group. The hell hounds attacked with their fiery breath weapons and and bite. The group was not sure what was worse. After the hell hounds fell they healed up some and then moved forward and saw 4 more hell hounds guarding the main entrances to High Hall. They took those out a bit quicker.

The wooden doors leading into the grand foyer had been broken open probably by invading devils. Jockrates looked in and saw one spined devil. He motioned for the others to move in with him and Jazulon at the front. As they entered two groups of bandit type looking men jumped from either side of the entrance-ways and attacked after receiving orders barked at them by the spined devil in Infernal. Tharja stepped up and cast Lightning Bolt hitting two of the men and taking out the spined devil. The five men attacked with longsword and daggers. They hit hard, dropping both Jockrates and Jazulon. They were both healed quickly and were back in the fight. It took them longer than they thought it would and more resources but they were able to defeat all of the evil men.

The foyer holds two circular stairwells. each leading up to the choir level. Decorated pillars here depict symbols and scenes representative of Torm. Curtains, some of them shredded by weapons and claws, separate this area from the heart of the cathedral.

They needed a rest. But where could they rest without being disturbed?