Recap March 12, 2021

A reunion of a sort as the Hellriders that survived the Fall of Elturel thanked the Hellriders that had traveled to Avernus in hopes of saving their city and their friends and family. The group gave minor healing to injured Hellriders and hearing of the now nearly freed High Hall, they decided to head there to help shore up its defenses. They had not seen Grand Duke Ravengard in several days but knew he was headed to the Grand Cemetery. They thanked them one more time, mounted their warhorses, and headed to the east and High Hall.

The group started west but soon they smelled something sweet coming out of a shop to their left. They did not remember a bakery in this area.

Tharja realized that it could be chemicals that were burning. They sent Calmers to investigate since he would not breathe in the vapors. Calmers found the door locked. He decided to knock on the door before bashing it in case there were people inside that needed assistance. He knocked and was just about ready to leave when he heard a voice coming from inside. It sounded familiar but Calmers could not remember where he recognized the voice from. The voice did not seem to be in trouble so Calmers called the others over to what had been an alchemy shop. Nym was able to pick the lock and the door opened and there stood a fellow member of the Hellriders, a druid named Justen. They knew of him from training but none of them had ever served with him directly.

They caught him with how he survived the fall of Elturel and how they had been away on a mission and had not fallen but had found a portal that had been used by the original Hellriders to get to Avernus. They had cleared out High Hall and were now headed to the Grand Cemetery in search of Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard who he and several Hellriders and Flaming Fist soldiers had gone there in search of an artifact that he hoped could give him answers as to what happened and on hopefully finding a way home.

Justen asked if he could accompany them to the Grand Cemetery. They agreed and they set out to the northwest.

Just as they could see the fence and gates to the cemetery they saw 4 bearded devils making preparations to execute a female human priest by hanging her with a chain from a building. They had her a few feet off the ground when the group rushed in to attack in hopes of rescuing the priest.

They hit the devils hard. Calmers rushed to give aid to the priest. He attempted to break her chains but one of the bearded devils kept attacking him. Justen cast Thorn Whip pulling one of the bearded devils through the spaces of Jockrates and Jazulon giving them attacks of opportunity. It did not fall but it was damaged enough it fell just a few hits later. Tharja cast Chill Touch while Nym fired his bow. Jockrates sliced through the devils with his silvered great axe and Jazulon hit them hard with his silvered dagger and monk’s punches and kicks.

As the last devil fell, Calmers was able to release the priest from the chain. She landed on her feet and thanked them for rescuing her from the devils. Her name was Tyara Twinfall and she had been in the cemetery sprinkling holy water on corpses so they would not rise again as undead. The devils had caught her doing this and they were going to use her execution as an example to the rest of the citizens of Elturel. She then asked if they would go to the cemetery and take care of the growing undead problem and if they could figure out exactly where the undead was coming from. They said we were headed that way to find Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard and they would also destroy any undead they come across. They then told her about High Hall and its new defenses and security measures. She at first decided to head back there but then she changed her mind. She would continue to sprinkle holy water on corpses in the cemetery. If she got into trouble again she would call out for help and they should hear her no matter where they would be in the cemetery, outside, or inside the chapel.

They approached the fence looking for the entrance gate:

The ten-foot-high brass fence that once surrounded Elturel’s cemetery has fallen in numerous places, and a wide gate allowing access to the grounds has been torn from its hinges. Severed humanoid body parts adorn the spikes atop the fence posts. Some of the body parts wriggle and writhe as if undead, twitching in concert with the lightning flashes of the Companion.

Cracked gravestones and crumbling monuments are scattered across the cemetery grounds, whose center is occupied by a chapel dedicated to Lathander, Torm, Helm, and Tyr. That once-holy structure now glows with a fetid purple radiance.

They entered the cemetery proper.