Recap March 19, 2021

They approached the fence looking for the entrance gate:

The ten-foot-high brass fence that once surrounded Elturel’s cemetery has fallen in numerous places, and a wide gate allowing access to the grounds has been torn from its hinges. Severed humanoid body parts adorn the spikes atop the fence posts. Some of the body parts wriggle and writhe as if undead, twitching in concert with the lightning flashes of the Companion.

Cracked gravestones and crumbling monuments are scattered across the cemetery grounds, whose center is occupied by a chapel dedicated to Lathander, Torm, Helm, and Tyr. That once-holy structure now glows with a fetid purple radiance.

They entered the cemetery proper.

As they drew near the chapel, they were accosted by six minotaur skeletons. The minotaurs hit hard but the group hit harder and soon the skeletons were defeated. They picked up the 6 great axes the minotaurs had wielded and put them in Tharja’s Bag of Holding.

They all gathered at the bottom of the stair in front of the main entrance of the chapel.

The city’s descent into Avernus has taken its toll on this once beautiful chapel. Nearly all the stained glass windows along the outside walls have been smashed, and the main doors hang open. No sign of any other creatures in or around the building can be seen.

They noticed that carving on the pillars on the front area of the chapel.

Carved pillars resembling heroes of Elturel’s past decorate this white marble patio leading into the main chapel. The dark mahogany doors are ajar, and the remains of the patio’s windows have spread shattered stained glass everywhere.

They headed straight for the open front doors with Jockrates and Jazulon leading the way. They ran right into 4 more minotaur skeletons. These hit harder than the last group. Jockrates switched to Redemption, the holy touched great sword that they had found on the cellar of High Hall. When he killed one of the skeletons, the target exploded with radiant energy damaging all of the undead within 30ft. Jazulon was almost cleaved in two but he held on and with healing from Calmers and Lulach he never fell in the fight. Tharja cast Fireball damaging three of them. Lulach cast Call Lightning and moved the storm around the room blasting. Calmers gave healing and attacked with his rapier. Soon these minotaur skeletons were defeated just like the others.

They looked around the room:

The once-beautiful main area of the chapel is littered with broken furnishings and splintered chairs. The stained-glass windows have all been smashed, though one remains mostly in ta ct where it’s fallen whole to the floor. It depicts a representation of the god Torm placing a golden helm on the head of a man kneeling before him.

Tharja recognized the helm in Torm’s hands as Helm of Torm’s Sight the artifact Grand Duke Ravengard came to the chapel in search for. She told the other that the image on the stained glass Torm is giving the helm to Lannish Fogel, a revered hero of Elturel’s past and a dedicated paladin of Torm. They all nodded because they all remembered stories of Lannish Fogel.

In the middle of the larger room was as smaller circular room that had several curtain-covered entrances. The decided to check it out later and moved to the back and the Chapel of Mourning.

The smashed remnants of fine furniture and the remains of stained-glass windows are strewn across this area. Sections of one huge stained-glass window remain intact, enough so that its subject can still be made out. The window once portrayed Lathander standing amid fallen soldiers, holding his hands aloft as the spirits of the dead rise to stand at his side.

Calmers knew that this area of the chapel was used for funeral services for esteemed political and military leaders of Elturel. They did not look at the window but out of the large hole that the window had once stood in. They saw:

The path around the chapel has been sundered by a deep hole in the ground, filled with a putrid purple mist. The haze filling the hole blocks any sense of how deep it might be, or of what might lie within.

Tharja thought she saw movement and when the ghoul began to climb out of the hole she told the others. They then decided to check behind the curtains before heading outside to deal with ghouls.

Jockrates pulled back one of the curtains on the northwest side of the chamber:

Three curtained archways connect this chamber to the other areas of the chapel. Shattered wardrobes and dressing tables, as well as a number of smashed mirrors, suggest that this was once where priests prepared for their daily services. Spiral stairs leading down are guarded by two creatures with insectoid features. Each one is armed with a wicked trident.

Tharja, Calmers and Lulach knew that these creatures were mezzoloths a type of yugoloth, fiends that inhabit the planes of Acheron, Gehenna, Hades, and Carceri. Mezzoloth are human-sized insect creatures covered in dense chitinous plates. Mezzoloths serve as foot soldiers in yugoloth armies, their wide-set eyes glowing red as the mezzoloths bear down on their foes.

The two mezzoloth brought their spears up to attack but suddenly the ground began to tremble as two giant fiendish scorpions and 10 dretches, all demons looking for a fight against any devils errupted from the stairs that led to the area below. The mezzoloths turned their attention to the demons. Jockrates said “Nope” and closed the curtain. The group then went out the back doors of the chapel and headed down to the undead pit where more ghouls were starting to climb out of it.

Calmers asked for a rope to be tied around him in case he needed to be pulled back really quick from the pit. Jockrates and Lulach said they would assist with the rope. They all moved closer to the pit. There were now 6 ghouls climbing out of the pit. As soon as the three of them hit the purple mist they began to take necrotic damage and the ghouls engaged them in combat. Calmers and Tharja noticed that the purple mist pulsed along to the now corrupted Companion. Calmers told folks to spread out away from the pit. Then he cast fireball. Lulach cast Call Lightning. Jockrates took one of the great axes from the Bag of Holding and threw it at one of the ghouls doing minimal damage. He then rushed up to attack them with Redemption. Tharja cast Shatter doing even more damage to the ghouls. They were soon killed.

As they mist cleared away for the time being they spotted small building that was probably a maintenance building for the chapel and the cemetery ground. It was a simple building but it also looked to be in good shape considering what had happened to Elturel.

They lowered Calmers over the pit and he poured one flask of holy water into the pit. Where the holy water hit the purple mist faded giving a clear view of the bottom of the pit. He did not see any movement. Tharja went to find Tyara to see if she had any information. They told her about the pulse connection to the corrupted companion. She said all we can do is pour holy water on all corpses. Even those that had just been killed including fiends and undead. She headed to the front of the chapel to pour holy water on the minotaur skeletons while the group went back inside the chapel to pour holy water on the minotaurs that they. had killed there. They also did not want Tyara to be in danger from the fight between the devils and demons in the Vestment chamber.