Recap November 13 2020

They went to the last door and listened. They heard more mumblings but could not figure out what the speaker was saying. Jazulon (or was it Tharja?) opened the door:

Drab curtains cover the windows of this plain room, which contains a bed, a padlocked iron chest, a clawfooted iron bathtub, and a fireplace. Standing in the middle of the room is Thurstwell Vanthampur (see the accompanying stat block), a frail and hateful early 40s looking year-old man clutching a puzzle box.

He dropped the puzzle box and immediately cast Sacred Flame on Jazulon. Then he cast another spell (Sanctuary) and ran unbelievably fast to hide behind the bed in the southwest portion of the room.

Slobberchops nodded his head and 3 imps became visible. Two were on each side of the door. The third hovered near Thurstwell guarding him.

The man mumbled something about the failure of his guards to protect him.

The two imps at the door looked to attack Jazulon but Nym got the jump on them as he fired arrow at one of the imps. One punch later by Jazulon and that imp fell. Tharja cast Chill Touch on the second imp while St. Calmers focused on the frail man and the final imp (I do not remember exactly what Calmers was doing). The second and third imp fell and the frail man surrendered.

They started to interrogate him but it did not take long for him reveal all. It was obvious he was hoping to save his skin if he spilled his guts. He told them:

He was indeed Thurstwell

His mother, Duke Thalamra, is in the dungeon below the villa with Thavius Kreeg. She and the former high overseer of Elturel are plotting to seize control of Baldur’s Gate.

He and his brothers recently stole the Shield of the Hidden Lord from a crypt under the city. A powerful devil named Gargauth is trapped in the shield, and has vowed to help the Vanthampurs conquer Baldur’s Gate if released. Thavius Kreeg is confident that he can devise a way to release Gargauth from the shield.

Thavius arrived in the city a few days ago with the puzzle box. The duke insisted that Thavius let the family safeguard the item while he studies the shield.

Curious to know what’s inside the box, my mother gave me the puzzle box. Me, supposedly her smartest son- to see if I could open it, but I have had no luck so far. I am such a failure.

The group listened but they were not sure they believed anything that he had said. They decided to put him asleep and then head to the basement to find Duke Thalamra Vanthampur in hopes of getting to the bottom of what had happened to Elturel and the supposed collusion between Duke Thalamra Vanthampur and High Overseer Thavius Kreeg that sent Elturel to Hell and their plan to do the same with Baldur’s Gate. Reya did not believe Thavius Kreeg would do such a thing. He was a priest of Torm. The High Priest. It was not possible. Calmers agreed. The other were not sure.

Thurstwell laid on his bed and Calmers cast Sleep on him. They manacled him to his bed and then search his room. They found:

a jumble of wrinkled garments, red wax candles, quills, blank sheets of parchment, and jars of ink. it also holds an unlocked wooden coffer.

They went downstairs and back to the kitchen. They did not encounter any more guards or imps.

They went down the stairs and into the basement where Travaran and Jazulon had been before.

Four stone pillars brace the ten-foot-high vaulted ceiling of this dry cellar, the walls of which are lined by a dozen barrels on wooden braces. Half the barrels have brass spigots tapped into them. The room also contains two stacks of wooden crates- one in the middle of the room and another by the south wall.

They did a quick look around and then headed to the door on the western wall. As Nym was about to open the door, 3 spined devils burst out of the top crates in the middle of the room. They spread out around the room attacking the group with their spines and forks. They were tougher than the imps doing much damage to Nym and Jazulon. Soon, they too were defeated.

They went back to the door to the west. Opening the door they saw:

More than two hundred corked bottles of wine are displayed in seven-foot-tall wooden racks that span the west and south walls. Empty wooden crates are stacked in the middle of the room.

They shut the door and went to the door on the east side of the room. They checked it for traps and founding none they opened the unlocked door.

Smooth stone trenches cut into the floors channel water and waste toward the south. These trenches are 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep, with arching stone bridges spanning them at irregular intervals. The ledge on either side of the trench is 3 feet wide.

The tunnels were 9 feet high and had curved ceilings. Oil lanterns fitted with thick panes of green-tinted glass hang at regular intervals on 1-foot-long iron chains. Each lantern sheds dim light in a 10- foot radius.

Calmers took the lead as they entered the sewers. The first thing they noticed was the incense that filled the air in the sewers. They knew it would smell worse if the incense was not present. They decided to head south.

They came upon a branch of the sewer going east but it was a dead end. They moved south and then the passage turned west. They saw the passage turn north and a door at the end of the smaller passage to the west. They check out the door and finding it unlocked they opened it and saw:

A broad-shouldered figure with purple skin and a beard of writhing snakelike tentacles stands in the middle of a room lined by iron doors, tightening its grip on a glaive as it glares at you through the darkness. Each door is set with a small barred window, and a ring of keys hangs from the creature’s belt.

They rushed towards the bearded devil as it attacked them with its glaive and the tentacles that made up its beard. Calmers cast Tasha’s Hideous Laughter as Jazulon attacked with kicks and punches. Nym looked in one of the cells and saw an older woman, perhaps in her 70s. She did not look up when Nym looked in. Nym then went to push the bearded devil into one of the empty cells while Calmers and Jazulon tried to get the keys off the devil’s belt. They were able to get the keys and then with all of them pushing and pulling, the devil was locked into the cell. They could see he was plotting on how to get out of the cell so they move quickly. They looked in the other cells and found only one that had a prisoner in it. It was a a short, lean, erudite male human in his fifties. It was obvious by his clothes and manner that he was from Calimshan. He wore an ankle-length caftan, and has dark hair. His neatly trimmed goatee beard is dyed crimson.

He looked up from the bench in the cell and said:

Hello! I am assuming you all are friends and not foes?