Recap October 30, 2020

They took a brief rest. They felt that they had found the info that Reya was looking and had dealt a significant blow to the Cult of the Dead Three. According to Mortlock, Vaaz was the last leader of this site and any remaining cultists would scatter knowing the bathhouse was no longer a safe place for them.

They headed out of the dungeon and into the bathhouse and did not see anymore cultists. They unlocked and opened the bathhouse doors.

As you emerge from the bathhouse, 8 figures leap down from the top of the courtyard wall to confront you. In addition to their black leather armor, they wear strange masks and cloaks that give each of them a vaguely dragon-like appearance. All 8 brandish curved steel blades reminiscent of dragon claws.

One Dragon Cultist stepped forward and began to speak:

“ We have come for the treasure of our Queen that was stolen by those Dead Three dogs. We have been granted visions and we know that you carry her treasure. Hand it over and you will be spared. If you do not, we will have to kill you and take it.

Calmers said “Yes, we have this treasure but we have done part of your job for you. We will hand it over if you promise to give us payment for a job well done.

The Cult leader said “That is not how this works. You have stolen from those that stole from us. That does not make you better in our eyes. Again, I say, hand over the treasure and you may go on your way. If not, you will die.”

Calmers said I do not like violence but I think we have reached an impasse.

And both groups attacked.

Calmers focused on capturing the cult leader. He cast Tasha’s Hideous Laughter knocked the leader prone. With the assistance of Jazulon and Travaran he was able to hold the cult leader down and put manacles on him. The rest of the group attacked the other Dragon cult members. Suddenly the cult member that was guarding the gate to the bathhouse had his head bashed in. Mortlock stepped out of the shadows and gave a tip of his head to the group as he moved to attack the next cult members.

The cult leader struggled but was never able to get free. Soon all of his minions were dead and he was being held down on the ground. After a brief discussion and the cult leader telling them to kill him, they instead took him and turned him into the first Flaming Fist patrol that they found. After gathering a 1gp jail tax from each member of the group, the Flaming First captain let them be on their way. They headed up into the Upper City and back to the High House of Wonders. They did not have any trouble getting through the gates.

As they entered the High House of Wonder, human priest approached them. It was High Artificer Andar Beech. He welcomed them to the temple and then told them to seek out Reya once they have rested from their long night out. They thanked him and then had a small breakfast and then went for a long rest.

Waking up they had some lunch and then they went to the Wide to do some shopping. They picked up extra weapons and gear while Calmers bought a mastiff and named him Didymus. Tharja bought inks and paper to copy spells into her main spellbook. They finished and then headed to the Elfsong Tavern to speak with Reya. She greeted them and then they headed up to the private dining area from before.

After they gave her a report on what they had found at the bathhouse Reya spoke:

I have been not been idle. I have been investigating a rumor that Thavius Kreeg, the High Overseer of Elturel, is in the city. Reya hasn’t confirmed whether the rumor is true, but reports say that High Overseer Kreeg was seen in the company of four guards employed by guess who, the Vanthampur Family. The Vanthampur estate is beyond my reach since I am still wanted. But I would like to go with you to this Low Lantern tavern and speak to Amrik Vanthampur about the veracity of this rumor.

The Low Lantern was in the Lower City not that far from Elfsong Tavern. It was down near the water.

Fog obscures the Low Lantern until you get within a hundred feet of it, whereupon its tall masts and creaking bulk come into view. The converted ship has rigging but no sails, and is anchored to the wharf by thick chains. A wooden staircase climbs from the wharf’s edge to the main deck. A lantern at the bow casts an eerie green light to signify that the tavern is open for business.

The made their way up the stairs onto the main deck:

The main deck of the old ship features wooden steps that climb to the forecastle and aft-castle, and another set of stairs descending into the ship. A padlocked wooden hatch fitted with windows acts as a skylight for the deck below- the tavern proper, visible through the hatch’s glass panes. Four dead seagulls lie on the deck and two ravens squawk at you from the crow’s nest, a forty-foot climb up the ship’s rigging.

Tharja and Reya headed down the stairs into the main part of the tavern. Jockrates, Travaran and Jazulon stayed up on the made deck to check things out. They could see where tables and chairs had been placed in the past on the deck but there were not any out now. The captain’s wheel and rudder are gone, leaving holes and empty fixtures where they used to be. They then followed Tharja into the ship’s hold with Calmers, Didymus and Mortlock bringing up the rear.

As they entered:

“Well met! My name is Laraelra Thundreth, but folks around here call me the Captain. If you’re thirsting for a beverage or looking to gamble, you’ve come to the right place, but watch your step. Things can get pretty messy around here.”

Travaran ordered a beer from the kenku bartender who strangely spoke like the Captain. Calmers did a double take to make sure that it was not the Captain using some kind of ventriloquism tricks but she was not.

Tharja looked around the room. She saw:

At one table sat a gruff, cross-eyed duergar and a human Flaming Fist soldier who was lazily nursing a beer. They were playing a game of Baldur’s Bones at 2 silver a game.

A spectacles-wearing halfing was at the bar humming sea shanties to himself.

A pair of identical twin drow brothers (or sisters) sat at a table in the far corner.

A drunken sailor sat by herself.

A human man also sat by himself.

Nym wanted to gamble so he asked if he could join the game with the duergar and Flaming Fist. The duergar said that the ante was 2 sp and Nym said what if we did 2 gp. The duergar agreed but the soldier said that was too high for him. Tharja asked why he was here and he said it was better than guard duty and then he went back to sipping his beer. The duergar won the first one and Nym won the second in which Tharja joined in. To break the tie, the duergar and Nym had one final game. The duergar said he would need to get more funds if they were to continue. And then he won.

Jockrates sat down and talked with the drunken sailor. She was from a merchant ship called the Golden Gull, owned by the Irlentree patriar family and she was on a 3 day vacation and bender. She had 36 more hours to drink and that was what she planned to do.

Nym and Jazulon made their way down stairs. The saw:

This tavern lounge fills an entire deck and is lit by oil lanterns hanging from the 8-foot-high ceiling by 1-foot long chains. The windowless deck contains a bar, couches, coffee tables, and tables where patrons can socialize and gamble. Three of Laraelra’s bouncers stand in plain view across the deck.

There was a man at one end of the room. He had pushed two of the couches across from each other with a coffee table in the middle. He was drinking a beer and looking over some papers on the table. He was sitting on the starboard couch. Perched on the back of the couch was a spined devil. The couch across from him was empty.

A sleepy-eyed human thug with red hair in a ponytail, sat at the closest end of the bar. A kenku bartender was behind the bar.

Nym figured that that may be Amrik from the description that Mortlock had given them. He went back upstairs to tell the others. Travaran went down the other set of stairs to the bottom of the ship:

Four alcoves here are set with cheap cots where drunks can sleep off their hangovers. In the bow are four hammocks that serve a similar purpose. There two people sleeping in two of the hammocks. Travaran found a bed and laid down.

Everyone followed Jazulon down the flight of stairs to the Tavern Lounge. Nym went to speak with who they thought was Amrik. Nym sat down and talked to Amrik who asked if Nym wanted a loan. Nym said no he was there to arrest Amrik. Amrik laughed and said do you know who I am? Do you know who my mother is? She is one of the four dukes who rule Baldur’s Gate. Nym said it doesn’t matter I am going to have to take you in. Amrik said I don’t think so and attacked him three quick dagger attacks and then threw a smoke-bomb and disappeared. Tharja had cast Witch Bolt and even though Amrik was invisible the Witch Bolt hit true and he became visible. Amrik gave up and they put him into a set of manacles.

They interrogated him and at first he denied it all. After some persuasion and intimidation he seemed to admit to things but warned that they were crossing a duke and that they would pay for whatever they did to him. Mortlock appeared and threatened Amrik. But Amrik shrugged it off. Amrik did say he would take them to the Vanthampur Villa. Tharja was hesitant as she though that this was a trap. Calmers and Reya agreed but knew that the Villa was the place where they may learn what had really happened to Elturel.

Amrik said “Come let us have a drink before you decide what you will do. Let us let bygones be washed under the bridge.”