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Recap September 10, 2021

As Tharja drank the foul-tasting potion, her eyes clouded over as she experienced the following memories from Elliach’s perspective:

• A male Shou human in black robes enters Ichor’s Aweigh. He made a large order for several hundred vials of a special poison made from demon ichor that leaves the victim unable to harness its ki. The man told Elliach to bill the order to Mahadi.

• The man asked Elliach if Fai Chen ever came into Ichor’s Aweigh. Elliach said he did not, but that he had a soft spot for the strange merchant. The customer scowled at this and gave Elliach a dirty look filled with rage.

• Before leaving, the man said that his name was Su Zhen Kang, and told Elliach to deliver the poison to his orange tent in the emporium.

They needed to find Su Zhen Kang. They knew that he a Shou man, dressed in black robes and that he is staying in an orange tent. Which orange tent was it as they were more than a few orange tents found in the Wandering Emporium. They studied the clues they had a few more times and walked around looking at several of the orange tents. In the end they went with the majority of the groups’ gut and approached a hexagonal orange tent. Sylvie and Tharja did not believe that this was the correct tent. At every chance Sylvie let the others know this.

Jazulon, Nym and Encore approached the front of the tent while Tharja and Sylvie started going around the right side of the tent. Jockrates stayed near the left close enough so he could run to whatever group needed assistance.

Encore and Jazulon peaked into the entrance of the tent. They saw:

The orange entrance foyer of the tent is a small, cubic enclosure with two humanoid skulls hanging from the ceiling, points of red light burning in their eye sockets.

Jazulon was sure that the skulls were both light sources and security system but he was not sure exactly what kind of security. He threw small rock into the entrance area and when it hit the ground it did not make a noise. They may be able to fight inside the tent without any noise escaping. But was it worth it to test it out?

Encore sent his echo into the tent entrance. It had gone about 10 ft when the skulls spoke in unison:

“Su Zhen Kang is not with you. Leave the tent now or die.”

The echo went the way up the entrance to the main part of the tent. Encore could see through the echo’s eyes that the flaps were sewn shut. As the echo was about to turn around the two skulls hanging from chains turned into flameskulls and one of them cast Fireball directly in the echo. The echo went poof and Encore was temporarily blinded. Jazulon saw this and decided to look for another entrance.

Jazulon, Nym, Jockrates and Encore went around the left side of the tent while Sylvie, Tharja and Lulach went around the right side of the tent. They saw that the tent was reinforced so it would not tear as easily as other tents. They also saw that the walls of the tent are sewn into the tent’s floor, so they could not easily crawl through a flap.

They met at the panel on the backside of the hexagonal tent. They had not found another entrance. Would they go back to the front and try to enter that way? No. Jazulon asked the others to cover him. He took out his silver dagger and went into Stealth and began to cut the tent. He had made good progress when he felt like others could see him. So he whispered

“Everybody dance.”

And they danced. Really bad. But no one approached them about trying to cut the tent. They were about to go back to Burney’s when:

An out-of-breath imp messenger arrived and relayed the following message:

“Savage demons in the bone dunes are headed for the camp! Mahadi would like you to deal with them before they tear the place apart!”

After getting directions to the bone dunes they went towards them as fast as they could. In the distance they saw four dark figures flying over the dunes towards them. Shadow demons.

The shadow demons hit consistently but they were hard to hit. Tharja found out quick that they were resistant to fine and immune to cold. She only cast Chill Touch the rest of the fight. Sylvie cast Thorn Whip on the shadow demon that had attacked Polydamus. She hit and dragged it 10ft below the Pegasus. Jockrates attacked with his silvered greataxe doing lots of damage. Encore and his echo doubled up their attacks doing even more damage. Nym’s aim was either on fire or missing widely but he still managed to do good damage when he did hit. Jazulon bounced around the battlefield hitting solidly as he went. Soon all of the shadow demons were defeated.

The group started back towards the Wandering Emporium but they were attacked by a vrock and 4 quasits.

Tharja cast Fireball into the group of demons. Even with resistance to fire it took out all of the quasits. The group then concentrated on the vrock. Jazulon only had Produce Flame as a ranged attack and it was not doing much damage to the fire resistant vrock so Sylvie wild-shaped into a polar bear, picked up Jazulon and threw him up into the air to attack the vrock. He hit solid (crit!) and then landed on the ground on both feet.

Soon the vrock was destroyed and they all headed back to the Wandering Emporium to find a place to rest and recover spell slots. As they entered the Emporium Mahadi approached them. He gave then a nod and handed over a large pouch full of coins, a potion bottle and a card.

The card read: “Loyalty is rewarded. Betrayal is punished. Thank you for being the former. Never become the latter.”

The pouch contained 300 gold and 2 soul coins. The potion was Potion of Growth.

They asked about resting in the Infernal Rapture. Mahadi said I offer the following:

Dining Services - The dining menu at Infernal Rapture changes daily, providing a fixed-price selection. (see handout in roll20 for sample menus. If you cannot read it please let me know). Items can be requested but you will need to give several days notice. Also, special food requests can be filled, but they must be made weeks in advance. They will cost between five to ten soul coins for an exotic request, depending on the difficulty involved in fulfilling it.

Spa Services - The Infernal Rapture offers a variety of spa services. Light spa amenities (body, foot, and hand treatments, massage therapy, skin care, general grooming and bathing) are included along with the standard dining menu at no additional expense.

Specialty services costs an additional soul coin. If you would like to know what is available please ask.

Now, come with me inside the Infernal Rapture for the best meal you will have on all of Avernus.

They realized they did not have enough soul coins for everyone to enter so Sylvie decided to head to Burney’s to lie down and hopefully be treated for the Infernal Wasting as she was at 2 levels of exhaustion.

The rest of the group discussed who would enter the Infernal Rapture and who would go with Sylvie to Burney’s.

(I put a handout for the treasure you all found last session in roll20 as well as the card Mahadi gave you after you all took care of the demon attack.)