Comments on 2015-09-28

I, Cavaroc, and my friends returned from an expedition of the wood. We found and mapped some trails in hopes that this endeavor will help us as we clear the woods of creatures that endanger the settlement.

We tried to talk to one of the Greenmen, a large male.

I did some trading with it, but I am not sure it understands the concept. Steady had laid down his sword and stepped back to indicate that we were not hostile towards this simple creature, but the Greenman took the sword without leaving anything in return. We did get it back, but I hope he doesn’t do that again.

While we left the brute with none of us even scratched, we were almost killed when we encountered the red-eyed devil rabbits with a black horns. The horns certainly don’t feel good when they hit you! I do not know how, but the bunny blood was eating our weapons and making them look like Swiss cheese.

I had this feeling something was watching us

– Cavaroc 2015-10-08 16:42 UTC

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