Metagame note: The original edition of Dungeons & Dragons stated that 9th Level fighters could build their own castles and become barons. It then went on to describe a bunch of rules for such a thing. “Wouldn’t it be a neat setting hook”, I said to myself, “if the players were all low level characters going off to help the new Baron set up his barony?”

The city-state of Deruhafan is ruled by King Ulroth. The King was fruitful, and had many children. This is a dangerous time, however, and those born to noble lines have much to prove. Only three of his offspring survived: his oldest son Elroth, his daughter Priena, and his youngest son Thedrick.

Elroth was, of course, the heir-apparent. Having no inheritance to look forward to, Thedrick instead gathered together a band of loyal followers and set forth into the wilderness of the dreadwood to carve out a new settlement by starting his own barony. In the weeks and months that followed, “Thedrickshire” started to take shape. A motte and bailey castle was being constructed of dirt and wood, fields were cleared and planted, and it looked like the tiny village make take root and grow into something mighty.

Then disaster struck. A merchant expedition from Thedrickshire returned to Deruhafan to say that thee found the place deserted. there was no sign of battle, and no bodies of any kind to be found. Priena, and accomplished warrior in her own right, has vowed to restore Thedrick’s legacy. With her own band of followers she set out to resettle Thedrickshire, and to solve the mystery.