The Barony is a medieval fantasy RPG campaign. The same homebrew setting is used for multiple campaigns, running various rules systems. For now this wiki will focus on the Roll20.net game that is being run using Dungeon World, but it was started using Tunnels & Trolls.



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Rumors in the Inn


  • Renshaw and Regulus left the city in search of the giant crayfish.
  • Bear recruited [[Pistos?]] and [[Geezer?]] to help him clear the Shimmerings’ lair.
    • Found a nest of Man-sized Rats along the way.
    • Bear was stung by a huge scorpion and has the shakes.
    • Lumberjack ran up with a message from the Baroness ordering the group to make a treaty with the Shimmerings
      • Bear and Geezer were opposed
  • On the way back the party encountered a Greenman.
    • Lumberjack traded him a bottle of wine for a dead man-sized rat.
  • Once home the party hosted a party
    • Lumberjack made friends with a Dwarven Mountain Druid.
    • Bear learned that (to be finished later)

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  • The Baroness asked Regulus. [[Renshaw?]], and Bear to investigate a string of burglaries.
    • Kynthia the Gem Cutter is selling the loot in [[Deruhafan?]], but the burglaries always happen when she’s out of town.
    • The party questioned her apprentice, who gave them access to her business. During a search, the following clues were found:
      • A hidden latch that allows the front window to be opened from the outside.
      • A barefooted person recently walked in through the window.
      • A ledger that shows that she’s only receiving 1/3 of the cut.
      • Her chests have false bottoms.
    • Regulus was attacked by a Shimmering while checking out an abandoned building.
  • Renshaw heard of the giant crayfish.

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Over two years have passed since the last update. It is now the Summer of 1012. This is what has happened in that time:

  • Two years ago:
    • An army of undead attacked the city killing a majority of the population.
    • The undead army included the bodies of the original colonists, the Baroness’s husband, and Bear.
    • Dame Cordelia was able to return life to Bear’s body.
  • A year ago:
    • Dame Cordelia married Lord Smoke and they both retired from adventuring to raise a family.
    • It is rumored that Prince Elroth of Deruhafan approached Baroness Priena with a plan to usurp Deruhafan’s throne.
    • Maelon started construction of a bridge across the river.
    • Willowdale, a non-human enclave, was built across the river from Thedrickshire.
      • Populated by Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings.
      • Loyal to the Baroness, but not allowed to live in the keep.
  • Six months ago:
    • The Green Witch declared war against Deruhafan.
    • The Baroness sent Regulus the Paladin and Lumberjack the Druid to protect King Ulroth.
  • Last week:
    • Derahafan’s King Ulroth was killed on the battlefield by an envoy of the Green Witch
      • Regulus was in a position to save the king, but was refused to violate a flag of truce.
      • Elroth is now King of Deruhafan.
  • Now:
    • Baroness Priena thinks that the new King is planning on conquering Thedrickshire.
    • Thedrickshire’s population is faltering.
    • Regulus & Lumberjack were attacked by a Giant Crayfish on their way back home.
      • On the back of the crayfish’s skull was a magical glyph associated with Clydic the Healer.

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baroness ,sent a group of men to take care of the problem in the woods.

They found a den of little humanoids and some treasure, including something magical. Two men were killed.

They walked away with a few thousand coins The rumor mill says that they found a magic robe or cloak.?

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  • Maelon, Cordelia, Orion, Mercury, Smoke, and May returned to the tower
    • May was turned into a woman!
    • Found a group of people living in the tower
    • Returned with 700 silver and 5100 copper.
      • Paid 1,210 copper in taxes
      • Each person’s share was 11 silver, 655 copper
    • Accused of murder when they returned!
      • Orion won the trial by combat.
  • A lot of people moved into the town!
  • Cavaroc has started the Wood Cutter’s Guild.

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  • The Baroness has issued a decree!
    • There is a 10% Treasure Tax on treasures found on her land
  • Cordelia left with Bem’s family to Deruhafan
  • The rest of Maelon’s party went to the Wizard’s Tower
    • The BSGMs will live in Lord Smoke’s land, feasting on rats
    • Party returned with 1500 gold and 4300 silver pieces!
      • Paid 1930 silver in tax
  • Maelon found this_map in the Wizard’s Notebook

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  • Maelon’s party returned to the tower
    • Solved a dinner table puzzle
    • Found
      • a deluxe staff
      • A wizard’s notebook
      • A small powerstone
    • After some battles, made contact with the BSGMs
    • Signed a peace treaty
    • Returned to the Baroness to get the treaty ratified

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Thedrickshire Fortnight:

  • Bem’s house:
    • Liza Bemsdotter will be dead from the fever if she doesn’t get to Deruhfan in a couple weeks.
    • Dame Cordelia has started working as an apprentice.
  • Grave Robbers!
    • All the graves outside the wall were robbed!
  • Departures
    • With the death of his wife and brother, Neron is giving up and returning to Deruhafan.
      • The Foaming Stein is now closed.
  • There is a brilliant young priestess at the Temple at Deruhafan offering all-new spells
  • New arrivals:
  • Maelon the Magnificent, a famous skald moved into town.
    • Macka the merchant has arrived!
      • Opened the a general store called the Giant Worm at #8 East Street
      • Joined by her husband, Vladimir
    • Hafwenna, the new baker, has arrived!
      • Reopened the bakery at #10 East Street
      • Bakery has been renamed “The Steaming Loaf”
      • Joined by Mostyn, her husband
      • Their children:
        • Tegan
        • Mabli
        • Owen
        • Beynon
        • Gareth
        • Guto
        • Glynis
  • The Baroness has requested that the Iron Fist, a band of mercenaries, move to Thedrickshire.
  • Fenric’s ferry returned late
    • Fenric was seriously injured.
    • Rest of his crew is dead of missing
    • The town is now isolated.

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  • Lord Smoke and Dame Cordelia led an expedition
    • Joined by May, Brony, Bear, and Nightwish
    • Defiled a teeny tiny grave, believed to belong a Fairy
      • Bear touched the actual grave, and fell under a Fairy curse
    • Found a clearing
      • Contained the charred, burning body of a Greenman who was tied to the fire
      • Also the dead body of Lildera was nearby
        • Adventurer missing for almost a month
        • Body was missing its feet
        • Was gripping a simple map to the Keep
      • Bear, under the Fairy curse, was instantly killed by a Shimmering
        • During the battle that followed, May and Cordelia were paralyzed before the Shimmering was killed
        • Party recovered the following treasure:
          • Belt made of invisible leather
          • 2 Wizard Killer Swords made of translucent crystal
          • A blowgun made of translucent crystal
          • 3 darts
          • A satchel
          • A partial mapping kit
          • 2 human feet
          • 2 vials of [[Spider_Venom?]]
          • 1 vial of [[Spider_Venom_Antidote?]]

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