Important Places & NPCs



Place Description
Deruhafan A small city-state on the western bank of Poor Tuck’s River. In the Old Tongue, Deruhafan is said to mean “Oak Haven”--a place that gave shelter to the people from the oak trees that were attacking them.
Dreadwood Very large forest, whown in green on the worldmap above. In ages past it was a great empire, until the reckoning day. On that day the world itself came to life, and attacked the empire. Trees and beasts killed men, and great cities were reduced to ruin. Mankind now lives only in small city-states that somehow managed to survive against the horrors.
Poor Tuck’s River River running from the north to the south, through the Dreadwood.
ThedrickshireA small settlement, being colonized by inhabitants of Deruhafan.


Person Description
Alewhen Chief Preist is an well-dressed old man with a bald head but a thick, brown beard and moustache. He has a great interest in exotic animals.
Anu [dead]Was briefly the town’s bowyer. The same week that he settled in the Thedrickshire, she and her husband (Strom the Fletcher) both volunteered to fight in the Battle of the Rats. They died together.
Bambi The leader of the Iron Gage, a band of mercenaries. She is an accomplished warrior with an immaculate appearance. While she tends to be diplomatic and cheerful, she is nonetheless thoroughly unlikable and has a reputation for being vindictive when she feels she has been wronged. She is a frequent patron at the local drinking establishments. She has long, red hair and frequently wears dark ­red fur boots, yellowish­-green pants, and a light ­red tunic. When going into battle she carries a spear that she calls “Stan"­ and wears mail armor and uses a heater shield.
Bem Alchmist. A short, heavyset young man with long, brown hair with a long moustache. He wears fine clothing and has a great interest in wines and spirits. he is married to Lucinda, and together they have a young daughter named Liza.
Elroth Prince of Deruhafan. Eldest son of Ulroth.
Erianthe Armorer. She is an elderly woman with a ragged appearance. Out of sympathy for Thedrick, she left retirement to colonize Thedrickshire.
Grachansien [dead]Ran the gambling part of the Foaming Stein, and was married to Neron. She died in the Battle of the Rats.
Hordot [dead]Prince-consort, husband to Priena. He is remembered as a mature man with a clean appearance. He was bald with a long, brown beard and moustache. He was known to be modest, cheerful and soft­-hearted. He used to spend his spare time fishing. He died in the Battle of the Rats.
Kynthia Former owner of the Shiny Gorgon before fleeing town after being caught colluding with thieves. She is a tall, old female human with curly, gray hair and she dresses in outlandish style. She is known to collect of swords.
Liza Alchmist’s daughter. She is a young child who loves to dress up in fancy clothes. She has short, brown hair. She loves to pick of plants and flowers.
Lucinda Alchmist’s wife. She is a tall, young women of average build. She has long, white hair. She is married to Bem, and together they have a young daughter named Liza.
Neron Owner and brewmeister of the Foaming Stein. He is a mature male human that is immaculate in appearance. He has short, red hair with a short beard and moustache. He is the brother of Bear. He was windowed with the death of Grachansien.
PrienaNew Baroness of Thedrickshire. Only surviving daughter of Ulroth.
Strom Fletcher [dead]Was briefly the town’s fletcher. The same week that he and his wife (Anu the Bowyer) settled in Thedrickshire, they both volunteered to fight in the Battle of the Rats. They died together.
Strom Strongarm Captain of the guard. He is a short, sturdy mature man who personifies military appearance. He has long, blonde hair with a short beard and moustache.
Thedrick Youngest son of Ulroth. First Baron of Thedrickshire. Missing in the mysterious disappearance that happened there.
Ulroth King of Deruhafan. Father of Elroth, Priena, and Thedrick
Urania [dead]Was the short, plump baker of the town who was killed in the Battle of the Rats.