Thedrickshire Keep

Thedrickshire Keep is a colony of Deruhafan. It is located in the Dreadwood along the eastern bank of Poor Tuck's River, about 40 miles upstream from Deruhafan.

It was originally settled by Thedrick, after whom it is named.

The keep itself is a mote-and-bailey type castle/settlement, surrounded by a wooden stockade wall.

Less than a year after it was founded, just before harvest, a group of merchants reported finding the settlement deserted. No trace was found of any of the settlers, including the Baron.

The following year Priena led a group to re-occupy the keep.



Key Type of business Business Name Owner Family Notes
01This building is currently empty.
02Mercenary’s Guild The Iron GageTate Apolloina (w)
Chipo (d)
Bambi (leader)
Neala (gm)
Gage (gm)
Barton (gm)
Swords for hire.
03This building is currently empty.
04­Lapidary The Shiny Gorgon Ivetta
05This building is currently empty.
06Alchemist The Boiled Nail Bem Lucinda (w)
Offering 10 silver pennies per dead devil bunny
07Inn & Gambling House The Foaming Stein Neron (widowed)Offering 50 silver pennies per live devil bunny
08General Store The Giant Worm Macka Vladimir(h)
09 ­ Woodworker The Cedar Mace Karka Timothy(h)
10Baker The Steaming Loaf Hafwenna Mostyn(h)
Previous owner killed in the battle of the rats
11This building is currently empty.
12Home Home Lumberjack Lumberjack’s home
13Armorer Heated Tree Erianthe
14This building is currently empty.
15This building is currently empty.
16This building is currently empty.
17Bowyer/fletcher CLOSED Closed due to the death of the owners in the Battle of the Rats
18This building is currently empty.
19This building is currently empty.
Docks Ferryman Fenric’s Ferry Fenric River crossing: 7 coppers per head, or 1 silver round trip
Passage to Deruhafan, 2 silver per head or 3 round trip.
Keep Ruler Baroness Priena (widowed)The keep is to the north of the map
Keep Captain of the Guard Strom The keep is to the north of the map
Temple Religion Alewhen Big building in the center of the map