Spam Fighting, No Mail Notifications

Dastyra Sheet

Rogue level 2 Background Soldier

Str +0+0
Dex +5+7
Con +0+0
Int +0+2
Wis +1+1
Cha +1+1

Inv +5 AC 16 HP 13

Speed 30ft


Darkvision 60ft

Passive Perception 13

Passive insight 11

Passive Investigation 10


+2 Athletics

+3 Deception

+3 Intimidation

+3 Perception

+7Sleight of hand

+9 Stealth


Dice set, Thieves Tools

Special Traits

Fey Ancestry

Advantage on saves vs Charm effects and can not be put to sleep magically.

Sneak Attack

Once per turn: If you have advantage or are attacking an enemy that is engaged with at least to allies add 1d6 to damage rolls.

Cunning Action

Dash, Disengage, and Hide are bonus actions for you


Dagger +7 to hit; 1d4 + 5 Piercing

Shortsword +7 to hit; 1d6 + 5 Piercing

Longbow +7 to hit; 1d8 + 6 Piercing