What We’re About

We’re a group of gamers interested in RPGs in the style of the classic D&D editions of the 70s and early 80s.

Currently we’re delving into the highly-acclaimed module “Barrowmaze” using Basic Fantasy RPG rules, inspired heavily by, and compatible with, the B/X edition of D&D. We’re a relaxed and family-friendly group, meeting roughly biweekly.

As an open table game, players are welcome to come just once or as often as you’d like, with no pressure to master the system or follow an ongoing story - though story there is one for those who’d like to come more frequently.

We have plenty of game books at the table and welcome all mature players as well as accompanied younger gamers.

Campaign Info

Session Recaps

XP Log

Session Date Loot Monsters PCs Total / Per PC
1812/04/2019738176552503 / 501
1711/13/2019207085052920 / 584
1610/30/20191966117553141 / 628
1510/16/20193392133054722 / 944
1410/02/2019130038061680 / 280
1309/18/20190231162311 / 385
1209/04/201970597591680 / 187


Monster Notes
Coffer Corpse
Giant Carnivorous Fly
Bloodthirsty Spiders
Ravenous Dead
Rust Moth
Funeral Pyre Zombies

Hexes of Note

Hex Notes
0914Grand Mound
1119Mound; Flower and moss entrance, single room, unassuming
1516Cockatrice Mound, back door to Grand Mound