Notable NPCs

In Helix

Mazzahs the Magnificent - wizard of local renown, offers spells at a price to magic users with a discounted rate for those willing to be his test subjects, interested in the lore and history of Barrowmaze, offers free identification for the chance to examine rare magical finds

Karg Barrelgut - dwarven smith, older cousin of Gern

Gern Barrelgut - Karg’s younger cousin and apprentice. Press-ganged by Bertrand, brought back by the early party after dying to a giant spider. Raised at Karg’s expense.

Osen - guildmaster of the mercenary guild

Harnold Huwen Reginald “H.H.R.” Huffnpuff - halfling operator of the Rosy Quartz Jeweler and Money Lender, primary middleman for adventurers to sell treasures recovered from the Barrowmaze to the collectors, antiquarians and others that arrive each spring.

Bollo the Barkeep - owner of the Brazen Strumpet, Helix’s sprawling inn and taproom, friend and drinking companion of Darmour

Alaster - village idiot, insane, rumored to be the last survivor of an expedition to the Barrowmaze

Pernicious “Perni” Ticklebottom - halfling, owner of The Foul Pheasant, local gambling establishment

Valeron Bowyer - bowyer, uncle of Applewood

Applewood - orphan, cared for by his uncle Valeron, missing in the Barrowmoor and believed to have been recruited by the necromancers of Set

Jurt - itinerant ne’er-do-well and thief, possibly joined the necromancers of Set

Hendon Miller - member of an old family of some wealth, friends with Praulb

Krothos Ironguard - son of Kell Ironguard, nominal administrator and magistrate of Helix, more concerned with gambling at the Foul Pheasant or finding ways to profit from others’ adventures in Barrowmaze

Adventurers and Mercenaries

Valina - lantern bearer, former latrine digger

Yar the Destroyer - mage, often more effective with his sling than his spells

Darmour “Gnomefoot” - warrior with a strangely deformed foot thanks to resurrection complications, friends with Bollo

Bertrand the Brigand - former bandit turned tomb-robber, granted pardon for crimes by Krothos Ironguard

The Stout Kegs - small dwarven adventuring party consisting of Folom, Jorn and Rilli, friendly with the Black Tongue company, fond of singing dwarven mining songs

The Boon Companions - party led by Sly the Medium, wealthy magician, known for high attrition rates of their hired men-at-arms and porters

Renata the Robber - elusive leader of a band of highwaymen, conflicting stories as to her identity and origins abound

The Outriders of Uleck - eclectic tattooed party from a distand land, reputed former mercenaries, led by the particularly ugly half-orc Grak Bloodshield, aided the Black Tongue company after a defeat at the hands of a pack of zombies

In Ironguard Motte

Lord Viscount Kell Ironguard - hereditary ruler of the Dutchy of Aerik, father of Krothos, generally considered a fair ruler