Helpful resources and links:

The BFRPG Rules: These can also be purchased for about $5 on Amazon or POD.

We have plenty of character sheets at the table, barring a really unfortunate night for the PCs, and there are a number available on the same page if you’d prefer to download your own.

The Ranger and Paladin class, available now as spring comes and adventurers from the wider region converge on the wealth being uncovered atop and beneath the moors.

Downtime and Carousing table for the game. For each week between sessions, players can pick one activity for their character to engage in.

Goods and services available in the village of Helix.

Goods and services available in Ironguard Motte.

Ready-to-adventure backpacks available at Turgen’s Trade Goods in Helix.

The gods known to the inhabitants of the region in which the Barrowmaze is located.

The Open Table Manifesto, for anyone looking for a deeper dive into come-as-you-will style gaming.