A narrow escape for the Company of the Black Tongue as the gargoyles fail to discover how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Grebmar pop.

Bonus points for the first use of ink as an offensive weapon!

Treasures retrieved:


Misc loot:

Mazzahs is able to provide a great deal of insight on the talking heads. Also, he can’t seem to stop humming something about burning down a house.

The heads are likely the creation of the mad wizard Albar the Aberrant. It was rumored that he sought to create magical wands using the body parts of the dead, rather than more conventional conduits. Legend has it that his tower was burned by the local villagers for necromancy centuries ago, but no evidence of his dark magic was found in the rubble. It seems you’ve found it.

Both of the heads awaken on touch, and retain their memories of life. After setting them down, or placing them in some form of container, they resume their sleep within a few minutes. They do not retain memories between sleeps.

Using Mazzahs's magics to converse, you find out the following: