February 10, 2017 recap

The hobgoblins rushed forward. Beauford cast a spell on the first hobgoblin stunning it in the middle of the doorway. The group would left the hobgoblins come to them. Members of the group that had not come into the castle made they way inside as the other shifted around so everyone could get a good shot on the hobgoblins in the next room. After casting a fire bolt Nameless went to investigate the middle section of the room and triggered a trap. He jumped back in time to have the ceiling just miss falling on him. He was only hit by a few stray bits of wood and plaster. Aria came behind to check on him and to learn more about the trap that had just been set off. She made notes on it and then went to check out the door at the end of the room. It was unlocked so she went inside. The room was dark but she could see into it using her darkvision.

This high, narrow hall looks as if it might have been part of a chapel or shrine at one time. Angelic figures are sculpted along the room’s upper reaches, looking down on the floor below. To the north, heavy curtains block a matching pair of archways. Between the archways is a cracked but ornately carved stone brazier. She looked around the room seeing nothing, she listened and heard nothing.

Soon two out of the three hobgoblins were down and several members of the group could see into the room.

Old casks of salted meat and sacks of rotten grain fill this storage area. Among the supplies, you see a bloody suit of chainmail, a heavy crossbow and an unsheathed longsword with the emblem of Neverwinter worked into its hilt. Looking at it more closely, Shortlocke noticed it also had the symbol of the Lords’ Alliance on it, the same symbol they saw on Sildar’s handcuffs he used to take in Iarno. It must be Sildar’s lost gear. The group decided to bring the gear back to Sildar with hopes of a reward or at least Sildar’s gratitude.

Soon the last hobgoblin was down. After searching the room they saw two other doors in the room. One to the east at the end of a short hallway and one to the west. Mon Ki invesigated the one to the west and hearing nothing on the other side and as the door was no locked he opened it and was confronted by a larger than normal hobgoblin moving to attack. Mon Ki attacked using his quarter staff two handed for extra damage. Shortlocke, Thalaniel, Thoravil, and Beauford swarmed to meet him and it did not take long until it was down. Searching the room they found a weapons cache that included long swords, spears, morningstars, greatswords and a fine quarterstaff engraved with stylized feather. The staff was lighter than a normal staff. Mon Ki picked it up.

Aria crept slowly into the chapel area towards the brazier. She noticed something wrapped in a crimson cloth in the brazier. She also saw a couple of flashes of gold. She went over and picked the bundle up and unwrapping it saw that it was a golden statuette of a sun elf. She looked at it for a moment when suddenly a voice seemingly coming from inside her head said “What is your question?” She was startled and put the bundled into her pack without asking any questions. Aria went back towards the middle of the room. She sensed something was looking at her and looking up she saw two long tentacles come down out of the ceiling to attack her! Nameless came into the room as this was happening and cast fire bolt up at it. The creature floated down from the ceiling revealing a worm like beast with four tentacles surround its beak covered mouth. It was a grick! She hit with her sword, a good hit, but the damage started to heal itself quickly. Thalaniel hearing sounds of battled rushed down and into the chapel room. He cast eldritch blast damaging the grick and moved north passed the curtains into another part of the chapel. A stone altar stand in the middle of the room covered in blood stained black cloth. He looked at the altar and went to open the door to the west. Standing there were Beauford and Shortlocke. Giving them a crude gesture he motioned for them to come to the chapel to help fight the grick. Meanwhile the grick had floated down to the floor and was engaged in melee with Aria and Nameless. Aria leaped and brought her sword into the creature while Nameless cast fire bolt and threw darts at it. The rest of the group entered and after a few spells and ranged attacks the grick fell to the floor, dead.

Beauford went to check out the chapel area to the north. He moved back the curtain and saw the altar. On top of it were golden ritual implements - a chalice, a knife and a censer - carefully arranged on top of the altar. He went to the altar and picked up the golden items. Thalaniel saw this but did not say anything. A goblin in cleric robes jumped on top of the altar from behind it and began to chant! Two more goblin each wielding maces came from around the back of the alter and moved to shield the goblin on top of the altar. Beauford shouted “in hear!” and the group started making their way to him. The goblin cleric finished his chanting and held his hands out towards Beauford and nothing happened! Beauford cast a fear like spell causing the goblin cleric to run away from him as fast as he could. He ran out of the chapel towards the southern part of the room through the curtains straight into Mon Ki and Thoravil. He did not last long. The two other goblins were soon defeated as well.

The decided to take a short rest even though some wanted to take a long rest to get all spells and abilities back. Shortlocke cast Identify on the new found items. Nothing was magical but the staff that Mon Ki had found was of nice enough quality that in the future it could be enchanted to become a magic weapon. The group found out about the golden ritual items and Shortlock soon discovered that they were oozing evil. Thoravil knew enough about such items that they would need to be destroyed but only within a magical forge. Thoravil also wanted to rededicate the altar to the original human gods it had had been dedicated to: Ohgma (god of knowledge), Mystra (goddess of magic), Lathender (god of dawn), and Tymora (goddess of luck). Images of all of these gods were found in both the north and south portions of the chapel area. Once the black cloth was removed from the altar the god were on it as well. He prayed to Corellon to send word to these other gods in hopes that the altar would be cleansed.

Meanwhile, Aria had climbed up into the rafters in the southern part of the chapel and hid. Hoping to get some rest for the next 10 minutes or so but her mind kept wondering where the voice in her head had come from and if it has anything to do with the statuette wrapped in crimson cloth, stored away in her backpack.