January 10 and 13, 2016 recaps

January 10

The newly risen skeletons attacked focusing on Beauford at first and then the rest of the group that had come in through the large copper doors. One by one the skeletons fell until there were none left. Searching the room the group focused on the two less ornate sarcophagi. They found scraps of clothing, bones and a platinum signet ring in each one. Each of the sarcophagi had been opened beforehand and were easy to search. The third more ornate sarcophagus had not yet been disturbed. Mon Ki, Thoravil and Thalaniel started to push the lid of when suddenly the lid exploded sending fragments of the lid throughout the crypt. Dodging and ducking no one in the group took any damage but a large ghoul jumped out of the sarcophagus and began to attack. The group attacked from all sides doing damage to it and watching as all damage done to the creature would immediately heal back! But soon, enough damage was given and the ghoul was soon defeated. The group went down the northern passageway to check out the locked door at the end of the hallway. After unlocking it they found it was a small armory consisting of 12 spears, 6 shortswords, 4 longsword, 6 light crossbows and eight quivers of crossbow bolts holding 20 bolts each(160 bolts total). They searched the room for secret doors but did not find any. After Thoravil made a loud noise the group feared they would soon be discovered. The group made sure that they each had on a red cloak and made sure everyone knew the password that they had learned earlier. Mon Ki and Beauford were in the room with the sarcophagi listening to the door they had not opened. The rest of the group was at the armory. Soon enough 3 Red Brands came through the basement area and asked what was making all the noise. After exchanging brief conversation the Red Brand that looked in charge asked for the password. Thoravil said “muscadine” and the Red Brand said “that was yesterday’s” and attacked. Meanwhile back at the other door Beauford opened the door and was attacked by three Red Brand. Two dressed as they had seen others, a third weather better quality armor with a set of keys on his belt. Seeing the numbers, Beauford tried to close the door but one of the Red Brands was too quick and stabbed with his long sword as the door was closing. The Red Brands attacking the group near the armory were using poisoned daggers. Aria and Thoravil both were hit but them but neither took lasting damage. With a heavy barrage of mostly spells and ranged weapons soon all three of the Red Brands were defeated. Thoravil thought he saw something in the far corner of the storage room that the Red Brands had come from but after a quick search he did not find anything. Beauford then quickly opened the door and cast Thunderwave knocking back and stunning the three Red Brands. Mon Ki threw javelins pinning the jailer to the back wall. Beauford and Mon Ki with the help of George his lizard friend plus Thalaniel soon took down the other two. That was when they noticed the captives in twp separate jail cells. To the north was a middle ages women with an older teenage girl. In the cell to the south was a young teenage boy.

Mon Ki said “Mrs. Dendrar? We are from town. You are safe now.”

Soon everyone but Aria had come into the jail area. Aria was collecting as many daggers that had poison on them as she could. She wanted to learn as much about that poison as she could. She had a good start but knew she would need a lab to see if she could recreate it. While looking for additional daggers she too that she saw something in the same corner that Thoravil saw. It also ended up being nothing.

They continued to talk with the Dendrars, Mirna, the mother, Nilsa, the daughter and Nars the son. Thalaniel said he would escort them back to town and to safety. The group decided that it would be best if they went to Daran’s house as it was best set up for defense. It was decided that Thalaniel, Mon Ki and Aria would take the family going around just outside of the town. Mon Ki cast Pass Without a Trace to cover their tracks. They made it to Daran’s in less than 30 minutes. The three made their way back to the armory room where traps had been set at all of the entrances and hallways leading to them. They decided who would stand watch for the evening and settled down for a rest. The 8 hours was uneventful.

January 13

After their long rest the group decided to first check all of the traps they have set throughout the complex. After doing that it was decided that they would go explore the two hallways that led to staircases on the western side of the building. They went to the southwest hallway and crept their way down the hall. At the end there was a door to the left and another hallway to the right that went about 20ft and ended with another door. Listening to the door to their left they heard shouting in a gruff language followed by some whimpers in the same language. They were not sure but they thought it was Goblin. They went to listen at the other door and heard the sounds of dice rolling. They went to check the northern hallway. It went about 30ft and ended with a door to the left and door to the right. Listening to the door to the left they heard the familiar sounds of the dice rolling and laughter. Listening to the right door they heard bubbling. It was decided that Thalaniel and Mon Ki would bluff their way into the game, take some of their money and then attack. McKenzie used Message to keep everyone up to date on what was going on. Some smooth talking and soon they were sitting at the table rolling dice. Half of the party (Thoravil, McKeznie, Beauford and George) was at the southern door waiting for the signal. Nameless and Shortlocke were at the northern door doing the same. Aria was back in the basement area keeping an eye out on the two doorways in case any Red Brands escaped or tried to sneak up on the party. Mon Ki got on a roll and took a good number of the Red Brand’s money. Well, it was most copper pieces and belt buckles and other knick-knacks. He realized on his second roll that the dice were loaded and was able to use that to his advantage without letting on that he knew. The dice went around the table once before Thalaniel made his move. He stood up and threw the table onto two of the Red Brands and fired off Eldritch Blast. Beauford, Thoravil and McKenzie burst through the south door and Nameless and Shortlocke came in the north door. The battle was back and forth but soon the group started to get the upper hand. Meanwhile Aria was attacked by a lone bugbear throwing poison daggers. It did not take her long to stop him. Soon all of the Red Brands were down.

They decided to check out what was behind the door with the bubbling sounds. The door was opened and they found a wizard’s workshop and alchemy lab. There was also a rat scurrying around the room. It went under the table and then ran into a hole in the north part of the room.Doing a quick look over it was determined that someone was working on a potion but so far had not been successful. Another door was seen to the northeast near where the hole that the rat had ran into. They opened the door and saw a study complete with a bed in the southeast corner and a desk in the middle of the north wall. At that desk was a wizard hold what looked like a glass staff. This was GlassStaff! GlassStaff finished an incantation and two small fire elementals appeared in the middle of the room and started moving towards the group. Beauford tried to use Vicious Mockery on one of the elementals but it did not work. He then shot it with his hand crossbow and the bolt had no effect. The group looked at each other knowing they would need something more powerful. Thalaniel cast Suggestion on the wizard and it worked! Thalaniel said: “Sell me your staff for 10 gold.” GlassStaff said: “Sure. Meet me in the middle of the room.” That would be right between the two elementals. They each walked forward, GlassStaff with his staff and Thalaniel with the 10 gold. GlassStaff asked to see the money before handing over the staff. After counting it he handed the staff over. As soon as Thalaniel touched it a shock went through his body and the staff went back to GlassStaff’s hand. GlassStaff smiled and walked back toward the desk. Meanwhile Aria had gone back to the room with the corner she could not stop thinking about. There was an opened secret door! The bugbear must have come through it. She slipped down the hallway. It led north and then down some stairs. There was a secret door with a small viewing slot. She looked through it and saw the back of GlassStaff. She came through the door and attempted to sneak attack the mage. She was only able to get small damage on him. She had used one of the poison daggers from the Red Brands. GlassStadff smiled and said “Using my own poison against? That is not a good idea and he reached out and touched her with Shocking Grasp spell. She backed up a bit and GlasStass moved forward to join in combat with Thalaniel.

Mon Ki searched the wizard’s lab for anything of use. He saw a beaker of water and picked it up and ran into the study. Seeing the closest elemental he went to throw the the little amount of water on it hoping it would do some damage even if it was not a large amount. Instead the beaker stuck to his hand and a spout of water came from the beaker like water coming out of a firehouse. The elemental’s fire was diminished by half. Nameless created snowballs and sent them at the undamaged fire elemental. It did some damage but as not as much as the beaker had done. Thalaniel and GlassStaff met once again in the middle of the room. Seeing his fire elementals being destroyed more easier than he thought possible GlassStaff cast Misty Step and disappeared from the room. The group started looking around for him but also concentrated on the elementals. Aria had Hid in Shadows and gone back into the secret passage way when suddenly 25ft from her, GlassStaff popped in. He began to check is surroundings and not seeing any danger, he began to walk down the hallway. Aria did a sneak attack hamstring maneuver and he fell to one knee not able to move. Everyone that could used magic to whittle down the fire elementals and soon they were destroyed, disappearing into smoke and dissipating before them. Hearing some noise on the other side of the wall, Mon Ki found the secret door just as GlassStaff dropped to one knee and held up his hands with the staff beside him. Thoravil came into the hallway and tied up GlassStaff including his hands and stuffing his mouth with a rag. They led him back into his study and began to search the room. The rest of the group searched the two rooms. Many books were found on the bookshelves in the alchemy lab including one written by someone called Urmon. It was written in Dwarvish and Common. The book described the history of the Lost Mines of Philandelver and the Forge of Spells. In addition, Urmon mentions a magic mace named Lightbringer that was commissioned by the priests of Lathander, the god of dawnm, from the mages working with the gnomes and dwarves of the Phandelver’s Pact. The mace was lost when Wave Echo Cave and its mine vanished from history. Searching GlassStaff’s Thalaniel found a letter see Handout 3. As the letter was read it suddenly dawned on the group that GlassStaff was Iarno Albreck, the member of the Lords’ Alliance that had gone missing and Sildar was looking for. GlassStaff/Iarno would be brought back to pay for his crimes.

In the lab, McKenzie and Nameless were suddenly drawn towards the study, specifically the GlassStaff’s desk. As they entered the room, they each felt their purple handkerchiefs moving about and looking at the desk saw another handkerchief just like theirs beginning to rise from the desk. The three pieces of cloth came together in an odd triangle and square pattern. Suddenly a good sized mirror like screen appeared in the middle of the air. They saw a middle aged halfling looking at them. He began to speak: “Hello? Can you hear me?”