January 20, 2017 recap

The halfling on the screen continued to ask “Can you hear me? Can you see me? Good! Wait, am I interrupting something” he said looking at Thoravil, Aria and Mon Ki escorting Iarno into the room. They placed him on the floor begun preparing to interrogate him but soon everyone was caught up in the conversation with the halfing on the screen.

“I am Flynrich Gamgee. I have been attempted to communicate with someone for quite some time. Some years ago, we created what became the purple handkerchiefs. But I get ahead of myself. Please introduce yourselves.”

One by one each member of the group introduced him or herself. He told Shortlocke it was good to see another halfling adventurer. He seemed to know who Aria was and who her family was back in Neverwinter. Aria meanwhile grew bored of the conversation and went to explore the alchemy lab. She found several bottles of wine and a bottle of brandy that her family had created and sold under another family’s name in Neverwinter. It was not made from Brandy but that was not know but it would come out eventually in efforts to discredit them. When Beauford said he was the most famous bard in these parts, Flynrich agreed and told him to keep it up. He spoke Nameless and McKenzie as one. As he spoke to Nameless several members of the group noticed a change in Nameless. He seemed nervous or unhinged. They soon found out why. Nameless had been a student of Flynrich. As had McKenzie. Flynrich said it was good to see them both and that they continue to make him proud. He told Thoravil it was good that he was part of this group and that where he was from would play a part in things in the future. Mon Ki was last to speak with him.

Now, let me continue. See when they first started out it was a large blanket like structure that would allow me to communicate with those out in the Multiverse. Everyone looked at Flynrich in an odd way after he said Multiverse as none of them had ever heard of it. Flynrich explained that not just one universe existed but many, in fact an infinite number of universes exist in the Multiverse. In theory if someone could think of a universe, he could exist. For example Beauford in another universe could be an orc and have a bard chasing after him. Flynrich went on to explain that many years ago he first noticed a change in Arcane magicks. Not only a change but little by little the arcane magicks were disappearing and not returning to the pool in which it originates. So far this is only effecting wizards, bards, sorcerers and warlocks. Those that cast divine magicks are safe, for now. I have been looking for what has been happening to the magicks for quite some time now. I first noticed it, if I have done my math correctly, 1500 years ago. This is across the multiverse as I know, as time is a constant, unchanging. The other problem is Boccob the god of magic has not been seen in at least that long of time. I am concerned that that the two are connected but so far I have not found any conclusive evidence. That is where you all come in. But first, you will need to be challenged. It will not happen now but will be coming soon. I will let you know or you will figure it out on your own.

The longer they talked with him the more he felt like a grandfatherly type figure to them.

Do you have any questions? And no I cannot tell you your real name Nameless. That is for you to find out as part of the recovery from the incident.” Thalaniel brought out the pouch of necromatic dirt he had found in the basement of the manor house telling Flynrich where it had been found. Flynrich sounded intrigued and asked if he could test the sample to see what effects it could potentially have. He held out his hand and it came through the screen and Thalaniel put the bag in his hand. Thoravil was curious as to what this magic was and poked the screen with an arrow. He did not hit anything solid but when brought the arrow back the tip had been dulled and was sharp no more. Flynrich took the bag and called out, Mattwise, please take the sample of dirt to my lab. We have experiments to do on it. From to the left of Flynrich there came a large hand. It looked like it was a half orc’s hand. It looked as large as Flynrich’s head? He took the bag and came back to stand behind Flynrich. It was one of the biggest half orcs any of them had seen. They noticed a really large sword on his back (buster sword from Final Fantasy) and great-axe hanging on his side. Thalaniel and Shortlocke asked if he Flynrich knew about Iarno/GlassStaff. He did not but listening to the story he soon was giving details back to them. Shortlocke realized that Flynrich was scrying without the use of a magic mirror or pool of water.

He then said “I can tell you are in the middle of something. I wish you luck and I will be in touch soon for your challenge. Safe journeys till we speak again. He disappeared from the screen and the handkerchiefs rolled up to a double ended scroll with a latch that latched itself. McKenzie picked it up. It was cool to the touch like granite yet it was still cloth. Thalaniel cast Detect Magic on it and it glowed brightly.

It was decided that they would interrogate Iarno using McKenzie’s Message spell in coordination with Beauford’s Detect Thoughts spell. Beauford and Shortlocke also used Cutting Words to really demoralize Iarno in hopes of learning everything from him.

This is what they learned:

The group decided to take Iarno back to Daran’s house. It was decided Thoravil and Shortlocke would take him on ahead and the rest of the group would stay at the manor house to check on that room where the gruff goblin voices were heard from. Thalaniel and Mon Ki listened at the door but heard nothing. Thalaniel opened the door and on the far side of the room a small goblin fainted. The group went over to check it out. McKenzie used Message to ask him some questions while he was still passed out. He said his name was Droop and that he had been roughed up by bugbears and that he fainted because he thought they had returned. McKenzie said that he would be taken care of now. He was not sure what to make of this but agreed to it. He woke up and saw the group again and started shaking with fear. The bugbear were gone and there was no sign of them anywhere they looked in the manor house. They decided to head back to Daran’s also. As Thoravil and Shortlocke were traveling back they saw a young halfing standing in a corn field. He looked at them and smiled. Suddenly he was not there anymore. He was hiding behind a corn plant. Thoravil and Shortlocke hurried on and soon we at Daran’s house. He let them in. As the rest of the group was running past the farm, Aria saw the halfling kid hiding behind a corn plant. His foot was sticking out enough that she could see him. She slowed down to see if she could see what he was up to and then he was hidden once again. It did not take long for the rest of the group to arrived at Daran’s house. Mon Ki immediately left again to fetch Sildar at the Townmaster’s Hall. He asked if he would come back to Daran’s house and Sildar said sure even though he was not sure what was going on. As soon as the door to Daran’s house opened, Sildar saw Iarno tied up and asked what was going on. Nameless took out the GlassStaff and used his Dancing Lights to write “It’s him.” Sildar was not happy. He would take Iarno back to Neverwinter to face the Lords’ Alliance and he would pay for his crimes. Iarno for the first time was dejected. He muttered the Spider will find me and set me free and I will have my day once more.

Thalaniel gave Mirna Dendrar the earrings he had found. She was thankful. He also spoke to Daran about giving the weapons that were found in the Red Brand hideout to the town. He would also give Daran the money to train the town in the use of the weapons so a take over of the town would not happen again.

Sildar would take Iarno back to the Townmaster’s before taking him back to Neverwinter. He needed to decide what to do with Yeemick as it probably was not wise to keep these two in the same cell. Yeemick probably was an underling of Iarno. Who knows what they two of the could get into.

Aria, Thoravil, Thalaniel and McKenzie (someone else went but I cannot remember) went back to the Manor House to make sure they had not missed anything. As they approached the secret entrance 2 bugbears came out of the woods and attacked them. Meanwhile back Daran’s house the rest of the group was on their way to the Inn when they were attacked by two bugbears as well. Each of the groups decided that they would keep at least one bugbear alive. Shortlocke put one bugbear asleep at the manor house and soon the other bugbear was down. At the secret entrance, McKenzie cast Cloud of Daggers and instantly took out one of them. After whittle the other bugbear down little by little Aria slammed her morningstar into its knee causing painful but non-lethal damage and then gave him an uppercut and he was knocked out.