January 27, 2017 recap

Once the bugbears were defeated the ones that survived were tied up. The one nearest Daran’s house was brought into the main room and then taken to another room to be interrogated by Thalaniel and Beauford. The bugbear that was captured near the secret entrance to the Redbrand hideout was taken to the apple orchard behind the house and tied to a tree. It was made sure that he was in shouting distance as they wanted one bugbear to know that other was being tortured. Daran took the Dendrar family to the kitchen and stayed with them. Beauford and Thalaniel did the good cop/ bad cop routine. Thalaniel went in first and roughed the bugbear up a bit both verbally and physically. Thalaniel asked who was the Black Spider. The bugbear said he is a drow. A male drow. The bugbear was not having any of it. He even tried to Persuade Thalaniel at one point saying if he could untie his hands he could be able to draw a map for them to Cragmaw Castle, the location where Gundren may be held. Meanwhile, Beauford was using Detect Thoughts to see what the bugbear was thinking. He saw the image of a male drow sitting down reading documents and suddenly the Black Spider looked around and then straight at Beauford! Beauford dropped the Detect Thoughts and was startled for awhile. Refocusing on the Detect Thoughts, Beauford saw that the bugbear was convinced he could take Thalaniel one on one. Beauford could also tell when he was giving directions to the Castle he was telling the truth. The directions were:

Take the main road, go right, then left at THE tree, you know which one. Follow the path until you come to a makeshift campground. That will take you about a half day to a day to get there. Keep following the trail for another half day until you reach the Castle.

Thalaniel in hopes of getting more information out of the bugbear cut off one of its toes. The bugbear barely flinched so Thalaniel cut off another toe. Realizing he would not get more information from him this way, Thalaniel and Beauford switched places. Beauford tried to reason with him about things. The bugbear told Beauford not only where the Castle was but also where the Wave Echo Mine was located. In fact he told him two ways to get there, a shorter more dangerous way and a longer easier route. Beauford then said that since he had told where the Castle was he would “allow” him to escape. They would fake a fight, the bugbear would yell and then Beauford would let him go out the window and run away. The bugbear again was not having it saying: “I am going to die either way. Just go ahead and kill me and be done with it.” Beauford disagreed. The bugbear then tried to Persuade Beauford by saying, “Why don’t we do this right. Untie my hands and then I can right you across the face so it looks like we got into a fight. Beauford said no but agreed to untie his feet so he could run better once he was out the window. Beauford opened the window and then came over to undo the bugbear’s feet. As soon as the bugbear’s feet were undone, he kicked Beauford in the jaw and stood up to fight. Nameless heard this and opened the door. McKenzie shot a fire bolt hitting him. Beauford hit him so hard that he fell back and died. McKenzie Messaged Shortlocke that the bugbear was dead. Shortlocke and Thoravil interrogated the remaining bugbear. The bugbear told them the same directions to Cragmaw Castle. He was not sure where the Black Spider was, either at the Castle or at Wave Echo Mine. Seeing as they had all the information they needed, Thoravil gave them signal and Aria who had been in a tree about 70ft away, jumped down and came over the bugbear and put a dagger up through his neck and jaw.

After a short discussion in which Thoravil asked his god for guidance and Thalaniel asked his patron for guidance it was decided that they would go to Castle Cragmaw to rescue Gundren before heading to Wave Echo Cave. They figured it would be easier to fight just orcs and maybe bugbears at the Castle and possible get more items that could help them at Wave Echo Mines where they would be fighting, drow, bugbears and who know what else. The group decided to check on what all the could sell and see if there was any equipment they could get before heading out. The sold a lot of the gear they had found and bought some additional items to help them on their journey. As they were leaving the Lionshield Coster, Sildar, the Innkeeper, Daran and the Harbin the Townmaster showed up. They came bearing gifts, items and heirlooms that the village people thought would help the group on their journeys.

The items included: a Rope of Climbing, Bracers of Defense, and a Wand of the War Mage +1. The rope would go to Nameless, the Bracers to Mon Ki and the Wand to Thalaniel. Thalaniel promised the next item would go to Mckenzie.

Nameless wanted to contact Flynrich to see if he could off help and/or advice before they set off on for the Castle. He took out the scrollscreen and soon Flynrich was on the screen before them. They briefly told him about what they were going to do. Flynrich said that they sounded prepared and to believe in themselves. They had not gotten this far on luck alone. He then inquired about healing options. Thorvail and Shortlocke could do some healing but more would be appreciated. Flynrich gave them each a two bottles that held two Healing Potions each. This gave them 4 Potions of Healing that they could use. Nameless asked about the volcano and the spellplague that he had remembered since last seeing Flynrich. Flynrich told about the spellplague and how it and the volcano were intertwined. He then said that Nameless was not the only one that had lost memories. Mckenzie and Flynrich himself had lost memories during the spellplague. He also said that at one time he thought that the spellplague was the cause of the losing of magicks but that turned out not to be the case. He then started talking about sample size and how it was at one point just two and now had been upped to three. Each member of the group was given the chance to ask Flynrich questions. Thorvail asked about getting better armor. Flynrich smiled and said “go back to your past to find what you need for you future.” They finished their conversation with Flynrich and went to the Inn for a meal and then to get a long rest to be ready to head out to the Castle in the morning. Each had a meal that was one of the best they had ever had. Beauford played for the people in the tavern. Aria got her meal and a bottle of the best spirits the Inn had and went to her room. After securing the door and the room as best as she could she enjoyed the spirits and then went to sleep. Mon Ki went to his room and meditated for 4 hours and then made rounds of the Inn to make sure things were ok. The others each slept and the night was uneventful, for once.