November 11, 2016 recap

As McKenzie, Aria and Mon Ki were leaving the Townmaster’s Hall, they ran into Sildar. They had brief conversation in the street where Sildar said he would pay the group 500 gold pieces to find Gundrun and find out what happened to him. This includes finding Cragmaw Castle and defeating any Cragmaws they find there. He also would like the group to keep an eye out for his colleague, Iarno Albreck, a fellow member of the group Sildar belongs to. He and his group is willing to pay them for finding Iarno, or getting information that leads him to Iarno. The amount is 200 gold pieces. Mon Ki says that they will do their best to find Gundren. Sildar says if you need me for anything I will be either here at the Townmaster’s Hall or at the Inn. McKenzie, Aria and Mon Ki return to the Inn.

Shortlocke and Thoravil made their way to the Philandrin Miner Exchange to see about looking over the town unofficial records. They were greeted by Halia Thornton a no nonsense human woman that provided them with a table to go through the records. They had limited time to research before Halia had to close for lunch but they were able to look through four books. Shortlocke did the main research while Thoravil assisted him as the two of them looked through the ledgers, assay books and other documents. They found information that the Neverwinter Woods used to be filled with elves hundreds of years ago but now over time they had all left but there was one place still left in Neverwinter Woods called the Temple of Leaves. It was the orcs that had taken over the Neverwinter Wood and had made Cragmaw Castle they base. While the located of the Castle has been lost it is believed to be deep in the heart of the Neverwinter Woods. Shortlocked made notes on this, shared his finding with Thoravil. It was time for lunch. Shortlocke and Thoravil then went to the Town Green so Shortlocke could pontificate on what they had just found.

Meanwhile Beauford, Aria and Mon Ki stopped by the Shrine of Luck to check in on Sister Garaele. She explained that she was asked by her superiors to get information from a banshee named Agatha about a spellbook that they were looking for. She has been to Agatha’s house 6 times and each time she has received to reply from Agatha let alone an appearance. She asks if the group will do it saying she will give them three potions of healing as payment for their efforts. She will also give them a jeweled silver comb to help persuade Agatha to tell what she knows about the location a spellbook belonging to a legendary mage named Bowgentle. Flattery should get the party what she is looking and knowing that Beauford is a bard she feel confident that the party can do it. As they leave she says may the light of Tymora bring luck to you on your journeys. After leaving the Shrine of Luck, Mon Ki, Aria and Beauford head to the Alderleaf Farm. As they approach the farm they see a middle aged halfling woman and what appears to be her son working on a potato field. He runs to great them but his mother calls him back. They introduce themselves and then ask about the secret tunnel that Mon Kin had heard from Pip that he was supposed to have found. Carp replied yes, I did find it and the Redbrands almost saw me. I can show you where the entrance is! His mother said I told you not to go play in the woods by yourself and I am not sure you should be going there now even though it looks like our new friends are more than capable of taking care of themselves. Carp says, I can draw you a map and point you in the direction to start walking. Would that be helpful? They agree and he draws a map showing the entrance in the lower edges of the forest just below Tresesdar Manor. They thank carp and his Mother and make make their way to the secret entrance. They get there and at first they do not see it but soon Aria sees it. It is a tarp like camouflaged to be a side of a hill similar to the tarp they saw in the Cragmaw Hideout where Sildar was found. They decided that Aria should check things out first and then decide the three of them should all explore it. Aria creeped down the passage way until it started to slope down. The tunnel was part worked and part natural. She traveled on until a she found herself stepping into a large cavern A cool breeze was in the cavern carrying with it the faint scent of decaying flesh. A crevasse divides the cavern and is flanked by two rough stone columns that support the twenty foot high ceiling. Two arched wooden bridges span the chasm. Aria went back and told Beauford and Mon Ki what she had seen. They decided that she should find a tree near the entrance and hide there to see if anyone used the tunnel. She would stay the night and report back to them in the morning.

Back in the Inn, McKenzie, Nameless and Thalaniel were having lunch at the bar and talking to Elsa. Elsa mentioned that a body had been found near the Sleeping Giant earlier that morning. No one was sure who it was but it was rumored to be another towns person. She was more frightened now since this person and the Woodcarver had been killed so recently. Beauford and Mon Ki returned and updated who was in the Inn what they had found. Sharing information they decided to go by the Shrine of Luck to ask about any funeral arrangements. Also, they were pretty sure this was one of the Redbrands that Aria, Garg and Thalaniel had killed the night before. Nameless, Thalaniel, and McKenzie left for the Shrine. Beauford and Mon Ki stayed in the Inn and had lunch. As Nameless, Thalaniel and McKenzie were heading to the Shrine, they ran into Shortlocke and Thoravil who had decided it was time for lunch. As soon as Shortocke heard that there was a murder investigation he followed those going to the Shrine and ask Thoravil to bring them some bread to eat while they were on the case. Entering the Shrine they met Sister Garaele who told them what she knew about the murdered man. It was believed that his death was a result of infighting within the Redbrands. She also said that this evening she would give the last rites to the unknown man and then burned his body for internment in the morning at first light. Thalaniel would to be there for both but she explained that it would be a private affair. He was not happy but he did pray on the prayer pillows and asked that the group blessed by Tymora before they left. Shortlocke remembered that they was theory, that was certainly not true, that the more worshipers that a god had the more potential power it would have. That cannot be true as if one is divine they are all powerful.

Leaving the Shrine they decided to go to the Woodcarvers Hut where Shortlocke was absolutely sure he had seen someone opening up the shop on his way to the Phalindir’s Mining exchange that morning. They found the shop locked. After picking the lock they found a crime scene and very little else to go on. There was blood as well as brain matter on the floor. Shortlocke went into investigation mode. The table was still set as if in the middle of meal and the people eating suddenly left or just disappeared. They searched the house but did not finding anything else. McKenzie checked around the sides and back of the house. She found nothing but a woodshed that held mostly local types of wood.

Everyone but Shortlocke and Thalaniel went back to the Inn to rest. Shortlocke and Thalaiel went back to the Miner’s exchange to see if they could find more information. They found more information about the area including Thundertree a small community that once thrived on the edge of Neverwinter Woods but was destroyed when Mt Hotenow a volcano close by destroyed it many years ago. The two then went back to the Inn and had dinner with everyone. In the morning, Aria came back and told them that though she did not see anything she thought she heard someone or something whispering the night from around 2am to 4am. She was sure that she was awake the entire night and believes that her mind was just playing tricks on her. While trying to decide what to do, Nameless spoke for the first time saying: “we have to act now. we must take out the Redbrands as soon as possible. We have been seen around town for too long asking questions. We wait much longer and we may not be able to do anything to help. Mon Ki said he wanted to go look look for Gundren first. Others agreed but were afraid that if they did not take care of the Redbrands that there may not be a town for them to bring Gundren back to. They would take care of the Redbrands first. The group decided they would go talk to Daran Edermath the old adventurer who took care of the town’s apple orchard before they went back to the secret entrance near Alderleaf Farm. As they approached his house he came out and came a short distance and said


Aria said “we are trying to find him.”

Daran said “ Get in here.”

After the group had come into the house they talked about the Gundren situation some and how he needed to be found but they talked mostly about the Redbrands. The first question was not about either of those topics but how he had injured his knee. He said it is not how the townsfolk say it happened. I will not go into details but it was dark magicks the gave this injury. No mere arrow would injure an elf where no healing neither magical or natural would ever heal it. He went on to talk about the Redbrands and how if he was younger and not in bad shape he would have been able to take care of the problem when it had first started around 6 weeks before. Nameless asked what townsfolk could be used to take down the Redbrands and their leader GlassStaff. Daran said that several including the innkeeper want to help but are afraid of any retribution in case the Redbrands are not completely taken care of. When asked about supplies he revealed a weapons rack inside of a plain looking wardrobe. Inside were arrows, spears, bows, crossbows, slings, darts, shortswords and longswords. After arming themselves they decided to make a plan of attack. Thoravil and Thalaniel would put on the two red cloaks and enter the secret entrance hoping to convince any Redbrands that they were members or at least new members. The rest of the group would follow behind.

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