October 14, 2016 recap

As the party was deciding what to do with the crates of goods, a well dressed goblin came out of the cavern leading towards the bridge. He was carrying a white flag in one hand and a scroll in the other. He unrolls the scroll and speaking in broken Common he says:

“My the Yeemik asks you to come speak with him for truce and parlay. The Yeemik believes it will be beneficial to both you and him.”

Deciding that they should follow the goblin the party crossed the bridge and was led down a tunnel that curved to the left. Aria and McKenzie stayed on the bridge to make sure nothing else entered the cave. About halfway down the tunnel another tunnel opened to the left. Looking down the tunnel they could see a cave-in. Several of the party said that this must be the other side of the blocked tunnel entrance just before the bridge and after the wolf room. The dapper goblin led them into a large cave divided in half by a ten foot high escarpment. A steep natural staircase led from the lower portion to the upper ledge. The air was hazy with the smoke of a cooking fire, and pungent from the smell of poorly cured hides and unwashed goblins.

At the far end of the upper area another well dressed goblin was seated on a makeshift stone throne. Around the room were several beds, a table, a cooking fire and other items making up a permanent camp site. There are 6 goblins milling about in the room not including Yeemik and Bugrash. There is also a lizard the size of a dog minding its own business near the cooking fire. It looks like it has been working out as it is buff for a lizard. The goblin on the stone throne motions to the goblin that has led the party to this cave. He speaks saying

“Thanks you, Bugrash. Welcome to my home of Yeemik. I am Yeemik and I wish to make you an offer for I know I have something that you seek.”

Beauford asks: “What is it you have that we would want?

Yeemik replies: “You bested my Champion, something no one has ever done before so I know you can do these two tasks. If you do these two tasks I will hand the human over to you.”

A curtain camouflaged to look like a cavern wall is thrown back revealing Sildar in chains guarded by two goblins. One of the goblins has a scimitar pointed at Sildar. The other holds the chain leading Sildar as if on a leash.

Beauford asks: “What are these tasks?”

Yeemik says: “First I offer you some of our jerky which we have cleaned the larvae off of.”

The party says no thank you. We are here for business and again they ask what are these two tasks?

Yeemik says: “The first one is to go to Wyvern Tor and take care of an orc group that has started to encroach on my territory.”

The party is not happy with this and Yeemik motions to the goblins who are holding Sildar and they tightened his chains.

Thalaniel tries to intimidate Yeemik saying you do not want to go down this path. Beauford plays good cop saying we will do this thing but do not harm him. Thorival says are do not want do that if I were you. Mon Ki asks what is the second task?

Yeemik says go take care of the orcs and once that is done I will tell you about the second task. The party comes together to discuss what they should do. Shortlock asks what kind of promise can we get to make sure nothing happens to Sildar? Yeemik again says go take care of the orcs. The human will be ok. Yeemik snaps his fingers and the two goblins take Sildar back behind the curtain. The party continues to discuss what they will do. They decided to leave half the group in the cave with Yeemik to make sure Sidlar is safe while the other half goes to find these orcs. They ask Yeemik where are these orcs? Yeemik says they are 3 days journey west past Phandalin. The party is not happy to hear this.

They are getting ready to decide who will stay and who will go when Mon Ki says” Yeemik, would you gamble for him? Would you gamble for Sildar? Yeemik gets a look in his eye and says “Yes!”

Mon Ki then asks would playing cards work for you? Yeemik reaches into his belt pouch and pulls out a deck of cards and says “Cards will work!” Thoravil asks to see the deck of cards to check for any markings that could he could use to cheat. Yeemik hands the deck over saying of course. Thoravil finds nothing and hands the deck back to him. Yeemik and Mon Ki make their way over to the table. Yeemik begins to shuffle and says: “5 card draw, nothing wild. We draw top of deck to see who shuffles first?” Mon Ki agrees adding best 2 out of 3 and winner shuffles and pulls a face card. Yeemik draws a ten so Mon Ki shuffles first. As the cards are being shuffled the remaining goblins in the cave draw close to the table to watch the match. Beauford makes his way across the room and using Actor ability mimics Yeemik’s voice telling the goblins hold Sildar to come out and watch the card game. They do bringing him about halfway across the room. Mo Ki wins the first hand with 2 pair. Yeemik wins the second hand with 2 pair. Mon Ki wins the tie break with a pair of cards higher than Yeemik’s hand. Yeemik snaps his fingers and the goblins attack. Mon Ki says “wait, we had a deal. Yeemik replies, Deals are meant to be broken.

Shortlock casts Disonnent Whispers on the goblin hold Sildar’s chain. It damages him but he does not run away. Shortlock then comes into melee range and attacks the goblin doing a good amount of damage. Garg rushes forward and attacks the same goblin injuring it very badly but it still stands. Garg begins to rage because he did not kill the goblin. Thalaniel steps to just behind the goblin table and unleashes Burning Hands on 5 of the 6 goblins around the table doing a nice amount of fire damage to everyone of them. Thoravil hits the goblin guarding Sildar. Beauford starts to play a goblin song on his wargong. Hearing this Aria and McKenzie run to the cave. Aria shoots an arrow at the goblin guarding Sildar, the same one Thoravil just attacked taking it out. McKenzie casts to Sildar asking him where is Gundren. Sildar messages back that Gundren has been taken to Castle Cragmaw. She then throws her dagger, hitting it solid, taking that goblin out. Mon Ki attacks the goblin on her right taking it out. Shortlocke casts Dissonant Whispers on Yeemik saying to him that he is all burned and it is over. Yeemik says “Yeemik been burned before.”

One by one the goblins fall until only Bugrash and Yeemik are left. Bugrash quickly falls as the party gangs up on him. Yeemik slowly raises his hand surrendering. He looks down and sees is deck of cards burned and mostly ashes on the table. Garg is angry and runs to kill Yeemik. Knowing his rage is not going to be stopped easily, Thalaniel casts Command on Garg saying “Calm” and Garg snaps out of it. Still angry he hits Yeemik almost knocking the goblin out. He then picks Yeemik up by the neck and sets him on the throne. Yeemik looks nervous and starts to make odd movements while sitting on the throne. Garg uses the area between the blade and handle of his halbard to pin Yeemik to the throne so he cannot move anymore. Yeemik seems to be enjoying the treatment. Sildar is untied and the chains are brought over to tie up Yeemik.

Sildar thanks the party and tells his story. He and Gundren were riding along when they were ambushed. He was knocked out and when he came to he was in this cave with Gundren nowhere to be found. He overheard the goblin saying that Gundren and the map along with all their gear was taken as gifts to King Grol at Cragmaw Castle. The party asks what map? Sildar explains that the three Rockseeker brothers, Gundren, Tharden and Nundro had recently located the entrance to the Wave Echo Cave, site of the mines of Phandelver. Shortlocke is instantly intrigued and begins to nod knowingly. No one is sure what is going on. Shortlocke sighs and tells everyone the history of Wave Echo Cave.

More than 500 years ago clans of dwarves and gnomes made a pact that would later be known as Phandelver’s Pact. The pact allowed both of the races to share the riches within the mine of Wave Echo Cave. Many gained from this agreement, including the nearby human settlement of Phandalin. Wave Echo Cave had wondrous magical properties. Hence, human spellcasters from the nearby town of Phandalin allied themselves with the dwarves and gnomes to harness this magical power and use it to its fullest potential. They bound the magic into a forge they called the Forge of Spells, where they crafted magical weapons and other items. Soon orcs came from the north and laid waste to the region. The orcs were aided by mercenary wizards when they attacked Wave Echo Cave, adamant in seizing its riches. The human spellcasters of Phandalin fought alongside the gnomes and dwarves to defend the cave. However, the battle of magic destroyed much of Wave Echo Cave. Few survived the battle and the location of the cave was lost to history.

Sildar says to the party: “I was on my way to Phandalin for two reasons. One was to assist Gundren with setting up the mines again. The second was to look for a colleague of mine that has not been heard from in about 2 months. We belong to the same association and he came here to get things in order. His name is Iarno Albrek. See we are part of a group that looks to take untamed areas such as Phandalin and bring security to the are and prosperity to its peoples. Members of my order look to ensure the safety of cities and other settlements by proactively eliminating threats by any means, while bringing honor and glory. Shortlock says “Going well so far.” Silder replies “Shit happens”

Thalaniel says if we assist you in at least getting you to Phandalin what would be in it for us? Sildar says though I have no coin on me as everything of his was taken he can make arrangement to secure a loin in Phandalin and pay the party 50gp. Thalaniel says what can your organization do for us such as discounts for items including magic one. Sildar says he will talk with his organization and see what can be done.

Shortlock asks Sildar did her hear where Cragmaw Castle is? Sidlar says he did not. He does believe the castle exists as does this King Grol that he heard the goblins speak. Shortlocke goes into Researcher mode and begins taking notes realizing quickly he is going to need more resources, possibly a library with maps to try to figure out where Cragmaw Castle is located. Thoravil mentions the orcs of Wyvern Tor and what should they do about them. Sildar does not believe they exist. Sildar says he will pick up a goblin scimitar to use as a weapon on the trip to Phandalin. The party decided to take the dead goblin bodies to the wolf room and feed them to the wolves. Beauford spoke through the door to the wolves using Speak with Animals telling them that they will soon be getting food. The door opens and the goblin bodies are thrown in. The wolves devour the meat and seem satisfied not only with their meal but with knowing the goblins will no longer be their masters. Beauford takes the guard lizard and is going to attempt to train him. Using Speak with Animals the lizard repeats “Hi!” over and over again so there may be a long way to do.

The party decided to let the wolves eat, take a long rest, then let the wolves go free before heading out the Phandalin with Sildar.

Quote of the Session 1 Yeemik in a frightened state says while burning: “Yeemik been on fire before.”

Quote of the Session 2 Beauford: “Everybody shut up, I’m talking to the lizard dog!”

Quote of the Session 3 Mon Ki: “Deals were meant to be broken.”

Quote of the Session 4 Ben: “He seems to be into it…”

Quote of the Session 5 Lizard Dog: “HI!!”

The natural 20s were many….

Ben rolls his first natural 20

Matt rolls a natural 20… and a 1 at the same time!

Eli rolls a natural 20

Haleigh rolls a natural 20

Nest Session October 21, 2016 6pm