October 21, 2016 recap

After feeding the wolves and unlocking the chains on the wolves’ necks the party took a long rest in the room with the crates. They took watch but it was an uneventful evening. Waking up they took one more look around the cave. Aria set up a few traps in the cave before the party set out. She also set up a few more traps along the path back top the Tri-Boar Trail. This was more to make sure no one else traveled to the caves as it was to stop anyone along the way.

They traveled about 5 hours before they reached Phandalin. Once entering Sildar said

“As it is close to nightfall let us find a place to sleep. I hear the Stonehill Inn is very quaint.”

The party walked around the town and found several places they wanted to visit including Barthen’s Provisions, The Lionshield Coster, The Townmaster’s Hall (where the party dropped off Yeemik into one of the town’s two jail cells) and the Sleeping Giant, a hole in the wall dive bar on the edge of town. They also saw the Tresendar Manor a dilapidated house on a hill to the east overlooking the town. The party decided to first go by Barthen’s to deliver the good that Gundren and Sildar wanted them to deliver. Sildar went with them. Barthen greeted them and asked them to come into his parlor while two young teenagers (one boy and one girl) unloaded the wagon. Barthen invited them into his establishment and into the parlor to talk business. He brought in a cheese platter with ale for them to eat while he counted their payment out. He gave each party member s small sack with 10 gold pieces each. He then asked about Gundren since he had never arrived in Phandalin. The party and Sildar told him what had happened. Sildar mentioned that he may be able to offer a reward for finding Castle Cragmaw and returning Gundren safely back to Phandalin. The amount would be contingent on how much he could secure in a loan from the Townmaster. The party agreed that they wanted to find their friend and employer. Barthen said that Gundren’s two brothers, Tharden and Nandro had set up a camp somewhere outside of town but had been coming in every ten days or so for supplies. They wanted to be sure no one would find the entrance to the Wave Echo Cave until Gundren returned. Barthen would like the brothers know that Gundren was missing once they came into town again. The party then asked how things were in town. Barthen said things had been okay until about 3 months ago when the Redbrands came to town shaking down the local businesses and making it hard on everyone. He added that the Townmaster had done nothing to stop them and that someone would need to do something soon.

The party and Sildar then went to the Inn to find rooms and a bite to eat. They were greeted by Toblen Stonehill who originally had come to Phandalin to be a miner but quickly found out he was better at running an inn than mining. The town offered him a good situation and soon his wife and children followed and he opened the Stonehill Inn. His wife, Trilena and Pip his young son along with Elsa a twenty-something barmaid made up the staff of the Inn. Toblen told the party it was 5 silver pieces a night for a room with breakfast including. Lunch and supper would be extra but at a discount since they would be staying at the Inn. Nameless took out one of the gold teeth they took from Gundren and gave it to Toblen covering the party for at least two nights including meals and a tab at the bar. Toblen was happy that he had customers as things had been rough since the Redbrands have been terrorizing the town. Lowering his voice he says Harbin Wester the Townmaster has done nothing to curtail them. I am afraid to do anything for fear that they will do something to my family.

Several members of the party ordered food and drinks. Beauford got out his lute and started to play. Since it was near dinner time a small number of locals had gathered in the Inn for their evening meal. While showing curiosity towards the party the music did nothing for them so Beauford changed things up and soon the crowd was more talkative. Mon Ki found an empty table. Sitting down he took out his deck of cards. It was not long before Pip’s curiosity got the better of him and he came over to see what the monk was doing. Mon Ki showed him a few card tricks and he was hooked. After asking his mother if he could learn to play cards he took to the game eagerly and learned quick. He finally said “You all are adventurers, right? That’s what I want to be when I grow up. An adventurer. So…uh. Have you ever killed someone?”

Mon Ki answers: “No one that didn’t deserve it.” He nodded and went back to concentrating on his hand of cards.

Pip then says in a lowered voice: “My best friend Carp, he told me that he was out in the woods near his house, he lives on a farm, and found a secret tunnel! And he almost got caught by the REDBRANDS!

Mon Ki asked where this farm is. Pip tells him and says Carp’s mom’s name is Qelline Alderleaf.

Beauford and Thalaniel both attempted to chat up Elsa the somewhat flirty barmaid. She was busy with the larger than normal crowd in the Inn but did say to Beauford: “Daran Edermath, the apple orchard keeper, he used to be an adventurer like you but then he took an arrow in the knee.”

Beauford made his way around the room. He met Narth, a farmer, who told him of his friend Sister Garaele, who oversees the Shrine of Luck in town. She had recently been away for several days and had returned exhausted and appeared hurt. Saying she was fine she would not talk anymore about what had happened. Narth said since the party looked like they could handle themselves, he asked if Beauford and his friends would check in on her and make sure the Redbrands had not hurt her. Beauford also met Lanar, a miner who told him that orcs had been spotted east of town towards the end of the Triboar Trail. The Townmaster is offering a reward if the orcs were run off.

Nameless sat at the bar going over his notes and listening to what all he could. Thoravil was at the bar as well, drinking ale. Shortlocke sat in a corner of the common room people watching and listening to the conversations as people walked by. McKenzie sat at the bar also and talked to the Trilena. At the mention of the Redbrands, Trilena said that “Thel Dendrar, a local woodcarver, stood up to them ten days ago when they came to his shop and leered at his wife. The ruffians murdered him. Several townfolk saw it happen. The Redbrands grabbed his dead body and now his wife, daughter and son have gone missing too. I fear the worse has happened to them as well.”

Beauford then makes his way back around the room giving the info he learned to the other members of the party.

Aria, Thalaniel and Garg decided they wanted to check out the Sleeping Giant. They make their way down the main street. They spot a sign that reads: REWARD - Ors near Wyvern Tor! Those of a mind to face the orc menace should inquire within the Townmaster’s Hall. They continue down the empty street. A ways up the street they see three men dressed in studded leather with shortswords on their belts. Each is wearing a grimy red cloak. When the three members of the Redbrand see them approaching they speed up and stop around 40 feet away. The one in the middle says:

“Time for you to move on stranger. Give use your stuff, and and be on your way. Thalaniel readies his scythe as Aria pulls out her bow and Garg swings round his halberd. Thalaniel stops short pulling out his wand to fire off an eldritch blast to the one on the left. Aria fires an arrow hitting the one on the right. Garg charges forward and swings at the one in the middle. Thalaniel continues to fight the one the left with eldritch blast and scythe attacks until he falls. Garg presses his attack as the rage overtakes him easily taking down the middle one. As soon as the other two die, the one on the right runs away but he does not get far as Aria, Thalaniel and Garg overpower him near the wall just outside the town. Aria and Garg bury the bodies in the wooded area nearby. The three of them continue on to the Sleeping Giant. Opening the door they see 6 Redbrands in a sparse taproom. They are all sitting on makeshift chair made from ale casks or leaning against the walls or sitting on the floor. As their eyes adjust to the room they notice 12 more come in from a back room. One of the Redbrands speaks:

Here’s a whole pack of little puppies. What do you want, puppies? Come here to bark at us?”

Thalaniel barks.

The Redbrands laugh.

Aria asks for an ale. One of the Redbrands answers: “we are all out”. All of the Redbrands take a long sip on their ale. She asks again if there is any ale and they just drink their beer and shakre their heads no.

Garg steps forward and says: “I challenge your champion to face each other as God intended. Sportsmanlike. No tricks, no weapons, skill against skill alone.” One of the Redbrands step forward and says he will do it but what is the wager? If I win we take your gear. No, says Garg. We will do it for 1 gold. The Redbrand agrees. They decide on 2 out of 3 pins. Garg pins him the first time. The Redbrand pins Garg on the second round. They tie on the third round and Garg pins him in the fourth round. The Redbrand gives him a gold piece. Garg wants to fight some more. No, the Redbrand say. Come back tomorrow. We can have more fun then. They are hesitant to leave but eventually Aria and Garg turn around and head out the door. As Thalaniel is heading out the door he takes one of the grimy red cloaks out of his pack and throws it back into the room saying “We already killed three of you. We know we can kill you all. He shuts the door and Aria locks it. Aria goes into Stealth mode eventually making it back to the Inn. She wanders around the square looking for anything that does not look right. She sees a light at the Shrine of Luck but does not see anyone. She swings around the square close to the Lionshield Coster coming out near the Townmaster’s Hall. She walks around the town for another several hours heading back to the Inn around 2am. Garg stays near the Sleeping Giant for awhile waiting to see if anyone follows them outside. No one does so goes back to the Inn also. He gives Tolbern a gold piece to keep the bar open for another hour in case Thalaniel decides to come back. Everyone else goes to sleep.

Meanwhile, Thalaniel hides in the shrubbery near the Sleeping Giant keeping an eye on the front door. The people inside get really rowdy but after awhile the noise calms down. He decides to check things out. He goes over to the door and peaks through crack and sees the place is empty. He tries the front door but it is locked. He looks into one of the windows and again does not see anyone. He looks around for something to burn so he can try to burn the building down. He does not find anything that would make a big enough fire so asks his patron what is it he should do. His patron says Patience is a virtue. You must wait to get wait you want. He responds but I want it now. His patron says I gave you powers that as you grow they too will grow. The time is not now. Have patience and things will come. Thalaniel waits till the sun begins to rise until he goes back to the Inn.

Everyone else is just beginning to wake up and head down to the common room. They all get together to discuss last evenings events. Mon Ki asks Aria and Beauford if they would like to go on a stealth mission to the Alderleaf Farm. They agree and decide to go around noon. Beauford and Thoravil go to the Lionshield Coster and negotiate to bring back the crates from Cragmaw Hideout for 70 gold pieces. Plus Linene Graywind, owner of the Lionshield Coster says that she had weapons and armor in a back room that they can buy at reduced prices and she will buy any extra gear they find in the adventurers while they are in this area. They agree and head back to the Inn.

Meanwhile, Nameless and Garg go to the Smithy that is just across the square from the Stonehill Inn. They see a large blacksmith training and young girl on the finer points of blacksmithing. Garg asks the smithy if he can make a chainmail loincloth. The smithy replies I have never made something like that but I may be able to do it. If not, I have some contacts in Neverwinter and Waterdeep I can ask to see about getting you one.

While that was going on, McKenzie, Aria and Mon Ki stop in the Townmaster’s Hall. He greets them saying: “ I am Harbin Wester, the Townmaster of Phandalin. Welcome to our small town. When asked about the orcs he says they are about 2 days travel to the east. If they are taken care of the town will pay 100 gold pieces. When ask about the Redbrands he says “They are not problem as all, really. They are just a mercenary guild and the should be leaving the area soon enough.” McKenzie thanks him for the information. She also says that she and her friends will take care of the orcs. McKenzie and Mon Ki leave only to see Sildar about to walk into the Townmaster’s Hall.

Quote of the session - Jonathan rolled 13 natural 20s over the course of the night. He then rolled three 1s in a row.

Next session has not been decided with Halloween events the weekend of the 28th-30th and the Video Game Tournament that is taking place the weekend of November 4th-6th.