September 23, 2016 recap

After hiding the wagons the party started down the trail with Thoravil in the lead. 10 minutes down the path, he spots an attempt to set a trip wire across the trail. The wire leads to a nasty scythe like blade. The trap is easily disarmed by Aria who keeps the blade. They continue on down the trail another 10 minutes and Thoravil again spots a trap. This one more cleverly hidden. Someone has dug a pit trap 6ft wide and 10ft deep camouflaged using small sticks, leaves and dirt from the path. The party decides to uncover it to see what is at the bottom. They find gently sloping walls down to the bottom which is empty. After investigating the area for more traps the party decides to move on down the trail.

After traveling a about 5 miles from the ambush site, the party comes across a large cave opening in a hillside. A small stream flows out of the cave entrance which is partly screened by briar thickets. Doing a quick search of the area Shortlock finds only goblin footprints. The human footprints are no longer seen. Could Gundren and Sildar be in the cave? Or could they have been carried somewhere else> They decide to investigate the cave. Thoravil crosses the stream with little difficulty. Others in the party, such as Shortlock, may have a more difficult time in crossing. Thoravil checks out the briar thickets on the right side of the creek. He notices that some of the thickets have been pressed down with boards creating an area where guards could watch the entrance to the cave. Just like the two goblins right in front of him! Thoravil casts Command on one of the goblins to get him to betray his companion while the rest of the party moves to assist him. Mon Ki attacks one of the goblins injuring it really bad. Aria moves up to avoid hitting one of her companions with her bow and hits the goblin with an arrow. Nameless and McKenzie both miss with their fire bolt spells. Both Beauford and Shortlock cast Vicious Mockery to finish off the goblins.

After searching the bodies and Thoravil has helped Shortlock across the creek they investigate the guard area as well as the entrance to the cave. They find more goblin footprints as well as areas where a larger creature(s) has walked, sat and laid down. The see a lot of goblin sized footprints around the cave entrance. They decide to go into the cave. Shortlock, Mon Ki and Thoravil search the cave entrance for traps but they do not find any. Mon Ki moves into the cave 15ft and finds an open doorway leading into a cavern. He barely sees the nose of a wolf sticking out of the open area but the three of them can hear growling and snarling coming from inside the cavern. Mon Ki sneaks up to the door and looks in. He sees two wolves, no, 5 wolves chained up in a cavern. At the far end of the cavern is a natural chimney where he can barely see light coming from the area above. Using dark-vision, Mon Ki looks further into the cave past the door leading to the wolves’ kennel area. He sees a rickety bridge some 35 ft ahead. Pacing back on the forth on top of the bridge are two goblins. Mon ki, Shortlock and Thoravil motion to the othera that there are 5 wolves in the room and to be quiet. The others come forward quietly and they are told about the wolves in the room to the right and the two goblins up ahead. After discussing which was to go, Aria decides to sneak into the room, bypass the wolves and checkout the chimney. Nameless, McKenzie, Shortlock and Beauford design a minor illusion of fresh meat in hopes that it would distract the wolves. One illusion was centered on the close wolves who instantly attempted to eat the meat. Another illusion of raw meat was set in the middle of the room to gain the attention of the 3 other wolves. Mon Ki used Prestidigitation to create the small of fresh meat throughout the room. While all of the wolves were distracted Aria stealthed past them to the natural chimney. She saw that the area above was about 30ft up and the chimney would be easy for her to climb. She has climbed much more difficult things in the past. Just as she was deciding whether to climb or not the illusions vanished and the wolves were no longer distracted. They started coming for her with only two possibly three being able to reach her due to the length of their chains. Beauford cast another minor illusion this time of a goblin holding a whip and used his Actor Feat to recreate the sound of a whip. All but two of the wolves quickly moved back into their kennels. Aria saw her chance and made a dash towards one of the wolves striking with her dagger as she went. It fell. Mon Ki then kicked the dead wolf into the middle of the room which the remaining wolf went to feast on leaving a clear path to the door for Aria. Aria ran to the door and while shutting it noticed the door has a lock. Closing the door to the sounds of wolves eating she locked the door and the party regrouped in the cavern. They paired up those that do not have dark-vision with those that do. Nameless would be assisted by McKenzie. Shortlock would be assisted by Thoravil.

Quote of the Session - “I am on a quest for true love, but that’s solely based on appearance.” - Beauford the Bard

Next session is scheduled for October 14 at 6pm with October 6 being a possibility as well.