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The first place to be populated by sentient beings on Berador, Ixenglen is a large expanse of red forest, with patches of clearing every so often. It is the second-largest of the territories, and the most southern.


Ixenglen is bordered by Frostgloom to the Northeast, Durdom to the Northwest, and Thrae to the West. While Ixenglen has a few beaches, its borders with the ocean typically end with sheer cliffs.

Populated Areas

Although initially settled by elves, humans have seemingly taken over. Humans have established three major towns, a capital city, a port, as well as numerous villages and settlements; all of which are connected by trade merchants.

The elves do not have multiple towns, cities or the like. Instead they live high-up in the perma-red leafed trees. One tree could potentially house 4 families of elves. Each of these “settled-trees” is connected to at least one other tree, with a giant tree serving as a “central hub” for the rest of the trees to stay connected.


A peaceful country, Ixenglen is currently not at war with any other region, although Frostgloom and Sen’ret invade every so often.