Die Götter

The 7 Empyrean gods

Similar deities or analogues appear in all of the major cultures. For example, an Ammonar-like god known as Aldfodr or All-Father is worshipped by the Jutlanders and Rornish. A sun deity called Manannan is worshipped by the elves of Argollë. Both Aldfodr and Manannan are symbolized by a spear over the sun and venerated as the father of the gods.


The Chthonic pantheon

Of these, Kaleth, Lammala, and Telith usually take the form of alien horrors, while Dirgion, Galmorm, Raviled and Nasga are most frequently anthropomorphic. Iskara usuallly appears as a dragon, Bel as a four-armed demon, Nargund as a giant wolf. The word chthonic is actually a Greek word that refers to “gods beneath the earth” or “gods of the underworld.” The chthonic gods were worshipped at night, underground, and received ritual sacrifices (usually animals) burned or buried alive. Jungian psychologists align the chthonic gods as representing the unconscious spirit within, the Id - including envy, lust, sensuality, deceit, etc. From this Greek derivative, I conceived of the Chthonic gods as being an ancient pantheon that is associated with darkness, the underworld, the earth, and with all of the irrational passions of man. These contrast with the Empyrean deities, associated with the air, the sky, the stars, the light of reason.