Norden und süden Bedrohung

After overwintering in the Forest Fortress of the Lady Mornia, spring arrives. But the weather is preternaturally bad – Gwyna’s eagle can sense the power behind it! Koral receives news from Fennhalt. Berem has been attacked by a gigantic white Ice dragon (that Koral has encountered before, and lost several of his companions to). It is commanded by a lady called “Isskani”, who has also brought 60 Orcs with her by ship (probably from the Orc island Khirr). She has allied with the dwarf Ogdur, who has seemingly betrayed his former masters, and now rules over Berem and its lands.

There are rumours that’s the Festung Rottenau is once again occupied – by the Baron himself, newly returned from the Steppes to the West with his knights. Moorfeste is under siege, from the Lizardfolk (probably from the Pyramids in the swamp).

The heroes decide to investigate further, and set out. They will stay in touch with Lady Mornia via flying familiars (Gwyna’s eagle and Koral’s raven), and she will prepare troops to assist in breaking the siege of Moorfest (she has about 100 in her Fortress, as well as 10 giant eagles), if the heroes decide it is feasible. She emphasises that Moorfeste must be protected. They travel to the North East from the fortress (in 02117), travelling through its forest domain (03117) and then other forests (04116, 05116, 06115) until they reach the valley with the tower where Gerberosch lived before he moved to Fennhalt (07115). They find a lady called Agrima climbing the rock needle. She is nonplussed that Koral has been there before, and grudgingly admist she was hired by the leader of the Mage’s Council, Gomada. This is news to Aurelius, as he did not know a new leader had been elected…. Agrima was looking for a specific item but it does not seem to be here. Koral offers to help her in the future, and she agrees to accompany us to Moorwacht.

Aurelius consults the stars. It seems that a very rare constellation of astrological bodies occurred about 6 weeks ago, just before the bad weather started! The constellation was extremely ominous, portending terrible events for ….us?

The group continue North East through the hilly forest (08114 and 09114), crossing the mouth of the Valley of the Crypts and avoiding a troop of hobgoblins who seem to be going into the valley. Entering the swamp (10114) they destroy a group of 11 zombies, and arrive at the Tower of the Mage Calcidius on a hill in the swamp. Calcidius and Aurelius take counsel. Calcidius says that the Lizardfolk are to blame for the bad weather in the swamp. The boundaries between the world of the living and the dead are thinning as the cursed pyramids rise from the swamp.

The group continue on the Moorwacht through the tunnel from Calcidius’s tower – it seems to be the same network as the one that’s leads from the old Kobold mine under Fennhalt to Seeland and might be worth exploring further.

The group talk to Beydessa, and a strange elf girl of about 13 years old. Beydessa is supporting the resistance against Isskani in Beram, but it not actively opposing her. At the moment, Isskani and Ogdur seem to be staying in Berem. She knows little of Moorfest, Khirr or Chrziz Itza. Koral warns of some dark power gathering in the South, that Moorfeste stands against, and that they must ensure it does not fall, for the good of all the peoples around the Sternenbucht