image/svg+xml Name Damage XP Level Class Hit-points Property Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma attribute adjustment Abilities, Spells, Languages Saving Throws Blast & Breath Petrification & Paralysis Poison & Death Staffs & Wands Spells (+ dex adjustment) Melee Combat Missile Attacks (+ strength adjustment) d20 equalor better Max Samyra Sylvan Witch 1 1774 1D4 4 9 7 -1 11 9 13 +1 9 16 13 10 13 15 11 10 Staff 10+ 1D427x Darts 11+ 1D410m2 Spikes1x Oil1x Heiltrank (250GP)Holy symbol (flower garland)slender whitewood staffgossamer head dress (20gp value)white silk dresscolorful silk sashhigh bootslight riding horseriding tack and saddlesaddlebags2 weeks’ iron rations Spell(G): Cause Fear (Level 1)Spell(G): Command Word (Level 1)Spell(G): Cure Light Wounds (Level 1)Spell(G): Delay Disease (Level 1)Spell(G): Detect Magic (Level 1)Spell(G): Faerie Fire (Level 1)Spell(G): Light (Level 1)Spell(G): Locate Animal or Plant (Level 1)Spell(G): Predict Weather (Level 1)Spell(G): Protection from Evil (Level 1)Spell(G): Purify Food and Water (Level 1)Spell(G): Read Languages (Level 1)Spell(G): Resist Cold (Level 1)Spell(G): Purify Food and Water (Level 1)Spell(G): Salving Rest (Level 1)Spell(G): Trance (Level 1)Hunting Dog 4HP 2AC 9+ 1D4 / Track 11+Hunting Falcon 2HP 1AC 11+ 1D2Vorsehung*BeastfriendshipRidingElven Bloodline Link value34-56-89-1213-1517-1718 bonus-3-2-1+1+2+3 Attack Throw 10 Title Initiate AC -1 + + + + + + + +