Important things to know before moving forward: “FTL” Jump travel takes about a week regardless of how many parsecs are being traversed. There is no FTL communication, so word travels as fast and far as the ship that carries it.

What We Believe Happened

The rough consensus of how we arrived at these stars is that there was a wormhole stable enough to allow transport. The nations of the galaxy we’d come from sent through their vessels and discovered the many stars in this region. The stars had habitable planets, either naturally occurring or obvious products of terrestrial sculpting. Whoever had produced the occasional ruins in our adopted galaxy are unknown, likely extinct. The only information to be gleaned about these aliens are from their disturbingly durable constructions and their fossils.

With these worlds at hand, the nations colonized the worlds. Each nation grabbed their own worlds, establishing self-sufficient colonies. What happened next is a matter of fruitless speculation. Somehow interstellar order evaporated and the wormhole linking our galaxies collapsed. Worlds that once belonged to intergalactic polities were reduced to balkanized warzones. Some worlds descended into barbarism. Without the infrastructure to support the world’s populations and technical levels, many of the planets regressed into a primitive existence. Very few worlds were able to maintain contact with each other and coalesce into some kind of interstellar state – the infants of the galaxy’s first empires.

Ian, What the Fuck is the Campaign About, Though?

I’m glad you asked.

The ultimate shape that the campaign will take is very dependent on what takes place in your character generation. However, you are expected to be Luchayan citizens, have some kind of share in a ship, and be interstellar travelers of some kind. The kind of travel you do will be decided in character creation of these options: far traders, pirates, mercenaries, privateers and troubleshooters, or a mix of all. With that in mind, the campaign should be something of a procedural sandbox.

Following character generation and a determination of what kind of spacefarers you are I’d like to make use of Decuma. I believe that we can make characters and play Decuma to setup the campaign all in the same session – hopefully with time to spare. To clarify the procedure, I’ve made a post on how to use Decuma on Tabletop Simulator.