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The City of Bloodport is located on the eastern shore of an island in the Western Sea. It’s is the westernmost city known to the Kindred Races.


The Distant Past

Legends say that the Tholonian Empire was once a paradise on earth. It was located on the eastern shore of a great island, and silver and gold flowed like rivers and gems were found along the ground like common rocks. The Tholonians were a bold and brave branch of humanity. They were the paragons of Law and morals. Their temples were grander than palaces.

As time went by, the Tholonians grew accustomed to their great wealth and they became fat and lazy. Worse, they became arrogant and defied the gods themselves. The gods withdrew their blessings and hoards of chaotic races attacked the Tholonians. No longer bold or brave, they fled their lands and the Empire was lost to history forever.

So the legends say.

20 Years Ago

Just over 20 years ago the famed halfling pirate Rugo Rumblesmith was blown off course in a storm. He discovered a new land which he declared to be the lost shores of Tholonia. The land was under the control of the Silver Scale tribe of Kobolds. Rugo fled back to the city of World’s End, where he raised a force and returned to “liberate Tholonia.”

He conquered the Kobolds and established the city of Newport. From there bold adventurers set forth and discovered wealth beyond imagination, but they also found danger and death. The city was so dangerous in those days that it acquired the name of Bloodport.



Rugo Rumblesmith still rules Bloodport as self proclaimed “King of Tholonia.” All the lands closest to the city have been plundered and somewhat tamed; adventures must travel further west to find greater wealth. The kobolds that lived along the shore have been subjugated, and serve as a source of cheap labor. Humans dominate the city, but there’s a sizeable population of Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and (of course) subjugated Kobolds.

The overall alignment of the city is neutral, with a strong Chaotic sub-culture, though lawful types are permitted.