The following is a list of rumored job opportunities. As rumor, it is suggested to follow up on the specifics before doing the task.

WhoWhereBoroughHow MuchWhatGM Info
Tane GuthryThe Bell InnHuman50 gp and a free mealA fresh hornbeast.[[Hornbeast_Hunt?]]
Narder FranklinTown HallDocks50 gpInvestigate a house.[[House_Investigation?]]
AlberlaElven Alchemist ShoppeLesser Races100 gpintact honeycomb from a giant bee’s hive[[Honey_Hunt?]]
Subqueen StarlingArmoryHalfling200 gpA male warg puppy.[[How_Much_is_the_Puppy?]]
King RugoPalaceCentral500 gpthe head of Trosk (the leader of a rebel band of Kobolds)Bounty for Trosk

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