The following is a list of rumored job opportunities. As rumor, it is suggested to follow up on the specifics before doing the task.

WhoWhereBoroughHow MuchWhatGM Info
The Brothers BrewforgeKing of the Mountain TavernDwarf200 gpDefeat the champion on unarmed combatn/a
Tane GuthryThe Bell InnHuman50 gp and a free mealA fresh hornbeast.[[Hornbeast_Hunt?]]
Narder FranklinTown HallDocks50 gpInvestigate a house.[[House_Investigation?]]
AlberlaElven Alchemist ShoppeLesser Races100 gpintact honeycomb from a giant bee’s hive[[Honey_Hunt?]]
JÃĒnotte GarinGarin’s Stables/Horse TraderHuman100 gpEscort Lady Garin to a Goblin fort and negotiate the ransom for the release of her husband Osmund. [[The_Negotiators?]]
Subqueen StarlingArmoryHalfling200 gpA male warg puppy.[[How_Much_is_the_Puppy?]]
King RugoPalaceCentral500 gpthe head of Trosk (the leader of a rebel band of Kobolds)Bounty for Trosk

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