Mostlemyre Drouge

Drouge is a wizard of some experience (approximately equivalent to a magic-user of 8th level) who has now retired from adventuring and spends his days engrossed in research. He is reclusive and has little to do with the townsfolk, though they hold him in friendly regard (he has, in fact, lent supernatural aid to the brewmasters upon several occasions, earning their trust). The most that is ever seen of the wizard in public is the visits of one of his three, mysterious, black-wreathed servitors to the market to buy provisions for the household.

The wizard’s residence is known to occasionally host visitors (mostly of sagely or adventurous sort) and the arcane consultations he offers are of some repute among adventurers in Dolmenwood. These services are as follows:

It usually takes 1d3 days to gain an audience with Drouge and all services require that the item or items to be analysed are left with him for 1d3 days. Note that the advanced techniques of analysis which Drouge employs allow him to handle cursed items without being exposed to their effects. (Though cursed items are also not revealed as such by his analysis.)