Order of His Divine Shadow

An order of individuals that follow the heretical belief that–when God bought forth life to create the world–the light cast a shadow that inherited a portion of the divine power. The power of the shadow has been passed down through numerous bloodlines over the years, the most recent being the Occulon Dynasty.

Until recently–when apothecary Thomas Gray encountered Jackdaw–it was believed that Queen Elspeth and her forces had wiped out all members of the Occulon Dynasty.

The Order believes that the Chosen One, as defined by their prophecy will rise:

“One of royal blood who has passed through the gates of death but has not died, he will come to marked by his enemies but triumphant and holding the power of life and death in his hands.

When he stirs the sun will run black and the streets red with blood, those who languish in Shadow will take their rightful place.”

When the Chosen One rises he will take his position ruling the Havenlands as the Shadow King and those who hide in darkness will be restored to their rightful place.