Rivermans Guild

Ambitious Lunden guild (run by Leonard Reedham, a driven and powerful advocate for the rights of Rivermen throughout the City, almost anyone who works on the river is a member of the Guild).

In conflict with Sewer Shifters Guild (Reedham sees the recent lapse of the Sewer Shifters Guild as a golden opportunity for his own, using some contacts at court he has managed to persuade the Crown to allow licensed Rivermen to also explore the sewers (previously the sole domain of the Sewer Keepers)).

Guild Dues

15GP a month (first 2 months in advance): allows access both commercial and non-commercial to river trade, gets a hefty tax-break and now allows access to sewers.

Other Information

Reedham is recruiting and plans to shame, and eventually absorb, the Sewer Shifters Guild into his own organisation.