Rupert Uffington


Half brother of Lieutenant Richard Uffington, he was involved in Uffington Family trading concerns with the Far East. A Captain of one of the family’s merchant ships, Rupert was heavily involved in the family’s business interests.

Rupert never really got on with Richard.

Rupert was returning from a trade mission to the spice fields of [[Yoo-Suin?]], only his father and sister Rosalyn knew he was returning to Lunden.

When he arrived he was captured by a group of hooded men who drugged him and dragged him to a prison below [[Bishopsgate?]] where he was tortured and experimented on in strange rituals, transforming him into a half-mad beastman.

Eventually the Lieutenant was forced to kill Rupert (at Rupert’s request) because he could not be cured of his madness.

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