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Editing Heart's Desire


IC Date: 25*10*1250

  • The heroes explore the tomb of Sir Chyde, eventually locating his burial chamber where they are able to converse with his sorrowful spirit.
  • During the exploration they encounter a strange purple slime (apparently a symptom of the magical wards slowly fading) that has animated the skeletons of Sir Chyde’s parents, causing them to float in the air and dance with each other, apparently quite unaware they are dead.
  • Friar Dunstan is exposed to the slime, becoming weightless and necessitating that he be tied by a rope to one of his companions.
  • Jackdaw finds an armoury and takes a longsword that appears to be of fey design, gifting it to Friar Dunstan.
  • The ghost of Sir Chyde is able to remove the purple slime from the Friar.
  • The group take the golden ring of Sir Chyde from his sarcophagus and return it to Princess Snowfall-at-Dusk, Sir Chyde’s spirit is anchored to it and the two are re-united after years apart.
  • The group use the wish offered by the Princess to cure the plague, she tells them that, due to it’s infernal nature, she cannot simply stop it but she has bound the essence of the Laughing Plague into a single beast, no more people will get ill and slaying the beast will dispatch the plague.
  • Sir Chyde offers each member of the group a token of his thanks:
    • Big Mick gets extra charisma.
    • Jackdaw gets an Elven cloak that hides him from unfriendly eyes.
    • Lt. Uffington asks for help freeing his fiancĂ©, he is given the star gem from the brow of the Princess and told to give it to his love.
    • Friar Dunstan refuses a reward but, on their way out of the faerie tower, the Sword of Gael is returned to him, although it seems somewhat changed.
  • Returning to the mortal world the group arrive back at their camp to find that, while they were away, [[Alan_Cartright?|Cartwright]] has died of his wound, leaving a letter that reads “My friends, I fear I may not survive to see your return. I pray that you find a cure for this damned plague and, should you make it back to Lunden, please tell my dear Anne-Marie that I tried… and that I’m sorry.”

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