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Town Hall

Large elaborately decorated building (occupied by the Elevated Council of Brewmasters). Ornamental turrets (and portcullised gate).

Town Square

Empty patch of carefully tended grassland (except on market day when full of stalls).

Village Wall

Noble folly (constructed by the paranoid Lord of the town before his death & discontinued by his successor). Local colour (a young lad from the village guards it). Ceremonial (marriages take place before it with the couple walking through the empty gate arch).


Raptappen's (quiet tavern with privacy booths). The Oaf-in-the-Oast (former oast-house, traditional, minimal food, small brewery). The Clashes Antler (gardens, pub and lodgings). The Wrinkled Medlar (inn with courtyard, takes appointments for Brandybile's).

Other features of note

The Consulting Wizard (Mostlemyre Drouge). Brandybile's (Algenon Brandybile, master tailor).

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