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Editing The Upper Middergloom


IC Date: 09*10*1250

  • The heroes splash down an old Goman aqueduct that deposits them in a pool in the Upper Middergloom, a realm of cavernous peril below Great Lunden.
  • They are attacked by a tentacle beast dwelling in the pool but manage to defeat it.
  • Exploring they fight off some skeletal undead and discover an injured man (Lawrence Goldwell).
  • The man is in possession of a broach that Richard Uffington gave to his fiancĂ© Juliette.
  • After some threats the man reveals he’s part of a cult who dwelled below Bishopsgate called Cult of the Laughing God, a forgotten Goman Deity.
  • The heroes drag their prisoner with them, although later he dies from his injuries.
  • They fend off a huge ogre, Jackdaw luring it into a poisonous mushroom patch where the spores weaken it enough for Friar Dunstan to dispatch it with the Sword of Gael.
  • They fight some more undead and discover a group of thieves call The Red Moths using the caverns to store loot, the bandits plan to seal off their exit (to their hideout in Bishopsgate) because it’s too dangerous to keep open.
  • Given them some jewels and agreeing to help with a future heist the heroes get the bandits to agree to leave the passage unsealed for two days whilst they search for Juliette.

Information and Treasure Gained:

Ogres eat gemstones to aid their digestion, when they are slain these precious stones can often be removed from their bodies.

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