Zazabe Subsector

The Zazaba subsector map:

The Zazabe subsector UWP list:

Planet Coordinates UWP Bases Gas Giant Trade Class Allegiance
Whego 0102C363447-6G NI
Druxeco 0104E335322-7G NI Skaarup
Tutui 0105B543388-6N S G NI Po Skaarup
Dri 0106C352543-5G NI Po Skaarup
Drspe 0108D979647-3S G NI Skaarup
Specospe 0110C443610-5S G NI Po Skaarup
Nospe 0204C445777-7S G Ag Skaarup
Coxexe 0205C331110-10S G NI Po Skaarup
Cotudr 0208C669543-10S G NI Skaarup
Bezaza 0301A310203-12G NI
Pritru 0303C643420-7S G NI Po
Truwhe 0304C466300-8G NI
Coitu 0310C66A400-8G NI Wa Skaarup
Zago 0401D768302-3S G NI
Vexave 0405A4478BA-12N G
Zazabe 0406B527977-10S G In
Ispe 0407B685572-10N G Ag NI Skaarup
Babave 0501C100675-7S G Na NI Va
Gopri 0502B576597-11G Ag NI
Liwhe 0504C794578-8G Ag NI
Bago 0507A376875-9S G
Litru 0510E514887-4G IC
Priza 0601EA89336-6G NI
Bawhe 0602C787210-9G NI
Liveli 0604D235630-3G NI
Liwhe 0701C410677-9G Na NI
Bapriwhe 0702C424850-9S G
Whebaxa 0703C691510-7G NI
Liza 0704D86A763-8S G Ri Wa
Zazatru 0709C8A7402-7S G NI
Truve 0802A886110-11N S NI
Pripri 0803E322544-7NI Po
Vexave 0804B343201-10S G NI Po
Goza 0809C481252-11S G NI
Gobebe 0810C130103-11S G NI Po De

UWP = Starport; Size; Atmosphere; Hydrography; Population; Government; Law - Technology

Ag Agricultural NI Non-Industrial
As Asteroid Po Poor
De Desert Ri Rich
IC Ice-Capped Wa Water World
In Industrial Va Vacuum
Na Non-Agricultural