2019-10-12 Session 1

Points Earned: 6
Dates: 12-13 Rova 4711
Trust: 22

12 Rova

Avoided combat with angry jerks (+1 Trust). Speeches at the Burial (+1 Trust). Reading of the will. The party will be paid two silver pounds each to stay with Kendra until the end of the month. Saoirse and Lydia are crushed by being seemingly coldly referred to. Discovery of mystery and likely foul play in Petros’ death.

Emeric has a spooky experience.

13 Rova

-1 Trust.

Lydia and Saoirse harass poor Gibs Hephenus whom they realize is an angry, sad old man. Kendra shows them around the town. They then go raise a barn. Lydia plays the fiddle while everyone works and Saoirse shows herself to be a good worker. Barnraising (+1 Trust).

Emeric goes to the Restlands to check out the crypt, discovers an empty grave, follows tracks back to Harrowstone. He then returns to the Restlands. Emeric checks out the crypt and kills some centipedes that might as well have been not centipedes.

Kon researches and learns troubling truths about the Whispering Way. He should also know some other stuff about some other stuff, so someone remind me about what else Kon knows.

At the end of the day, relaxing at the celebration of the barn-raising, they hear some buzzing noise. Alarming! Behold a cliffhanger.