2020-01-10 Session 8

They rid the prison of ghosts. It’s all good. Below is just a big list of all of the shit that you guys found. We can slowly consolidate everything. You should have marked off what you’d taken on your character sheet so this is really just for shits and giggles.


$260 each (2 gold crowns, 1 electrum mark, 2 silver pennies) from the villagers of Ravengro.

Property Room

Treasure: Bronze Medallion from the Shining Crusade ($215, 0.24 lbs; $200 from historical value); unframed tempera painting of Stavian I (2’x2’, $24K, 3 lbs); silver comb ($115, 0.15 lbs); very fine dagger ($400, 0.25 lbs); a pouch holding 12 star shuriken; silver dagger; wand of Major Healing.


five vials of holy water, 1 elixir of resurrection, five elixirs of health.

Warden’s Office

Treasure: 5 silver pounds, 4 healing elixirs, two health elixirs, and three Elixirs of Regeneration.

False Crypt

Treasure: 12 silver arrows ($40 each), sixfivecounting the one that Austin used against Splatter Man flasks of holy water (clear vials), 10 +1 arrows (Puissance 1 and Accuracy 1, $52 each), 5 ghost weapon arrows, 2 arrows (Puissance 1 and Accuracy 1, Undead Bane both, $27 each), six Healing Elixirs (blue vials), Tranquility Elixir (yellow vial), Universal Antidote Elixir (orange vial),pretty sure Saoirse is still disliked by the Church of Pharasma Scroll of Sense Spirit, Scroll of Turn Spirit, Scroll of Turn Zombie, and a darkwood case (worth $100) holding 4 haunt siphons.

Magic Items

I’m getting other shit in here eventually :eyes:
Looking over everything I’ve noticed that you guys may have missed some treasure :sad_panda: