2020-01-17 Session 9

Folks had two weeks of downtime. Players can fill out and post here their time-use.

Travel roughly 110 miles. Travel time is eight days ($48 days of rations if you didn’t use Essential Food, so thank god for spellcasters).

Wealday, 20 Lamashan

The party runs into a little carnival on the way to Lepidstdat. Anna plays terrible pranks on Morga the Morlock. One of their number has gone missing. In return for a magic weapon, the party promises to try and find the missing person. They go in search of the missing person (Aleece, one of the “pinheads”) into the bog. They kill a phase spider, which they deduce was the culprit behind the death of Aleece (whose body they also found). Out of the dead phase spider, they extract five doses of its poison.

Phase Spider Venom
This poison is extracted from a phase spider. A living victim must make an immediate HT-3 roll or suffer 1d-1 toxic damage. Every minute for 4 more cycles he must make another HT-3 roll to resist or take the same amount of damage. After losing 1/3 HP to this poison, the victim gains a -2 penalty to HT until he heals above this threshold.
Form: Follow-Up Poison.
Cost: $150 (singular); $55 (5-batched).
Recipe: $15; 1 day; defaults to Poisons-1.
Statistics: Toxic Attack 1d-1 (Cyclic, 1 minute, 5 cycles, Resistible, +80%; Follow-Up Poison, -20%; Resistible, HT-3, -15%; Symptoms, 1/3 HP, -2 HT, +30%) [5].


Potion of Wisdom (M219), Magnifying Glass with gold handle ($200, neg weight), small wooden box with brass weights (Per-5 to notice the false bottom, holding three $200 silver ingots), traveling case with a pair of superior locks and their keys sealed in wax, and a jar of pickled garlic cloves among the unsettling skeletal body parts left behind.

Once the party returns, Kaleb Hesse hands over a Were-Creature Bane (Accuracy+2 Puissance+2) Long Knife (TL1 sw-1 cut or thr imp Reach C, 1 Parry 0 ST 7 Weight 1.5 LC 4 Ref LT67). It’s worth a lot of money and Kaleb probably didn’t know what he had.

Oathday, 21 Lamashan

Lidia, Saoirse, and Anna cooperate in selling the Tempera painting of Stavian I for more than it’s worth – $30,000. Together with the silver ingots they’d found among the phase spider’s hoard, they all get 51 gold crowns ($5,100).

They party delivers the books and the judge promises to double their payment if they agree to investigate on the Beast’s behalf and become its voluntary defenders (which is apparently a thing you can just do in Ustalav’s fucked up legal code).