2020-01-24 Session 10

Points: 4

Today saw quite a few recording issues as Craig acted up and I didn’t immediately switch over to Giarc.

Oathday, 21 Lamashan

Party met with the Barrister. He tells them the Beast is charged with three crimes: murdering six children in Hergstag; mass murder and arson in Sanctuary on Karb Isle; and mass murder of 10 people in Morast. The Barrister suggests the party head to Morast, since the Morast evidence would be presented that day. Then they meet with the Beast. Lydia and Emeric interrogate the Beast with varying degrees of sympathy. The Beast mentions the name “Ellsa” and that she was her friend but that she was killed, otherwise he sobs or roars.

With time a concern, everyone buys their own steed or beast of burden so as to make better time.

Kon surmises that the barrister is incompetent and was chosen for his incompetence.

17:00 - Sanctuary on Karb Isle

The party (sans Kon) enters combat with four ghasts. After defeating them with little injury to speak of (1 HP of injury to Saoirse), they search the area. In the surface, they find a charred metal strongbox with a fused lock. Saoirse breaks it open to discover some charred and discolored paper which she holds onto for Kon to read later when she returns. In the cellar there is a candelabra hanging from the ceiling which sports 12-13 severed and burned heads, all but one of which is deformed. In the corner of the cellar is a damp vial with the label “Vorkstag and Grine, Chymickal Bleach.”


Kon stays in Lepidstadt to discover the ultimate truth of the universe. He learns that there are several people who are to testify. Karl, Doctor Brada’s assistant, will testify regarding the arson of Sanctuary. Karl lives outside of town. Three sisters are testifying regarding the mass murder of children in Hergstag – they live in Lepidstadt now since Hergstag had been abandoned. Lazne will testify on the Beast’s ‘supposed’ mass murder of ten people in Morast.

19:00 - Back at Lepidstadt

Saoirse shows the burnt papers to Kon and he reads them over. The only writing that he can discern are the words “Vorkstag and Grine’s Chymic Works,” which appear multiple times in the documents. Withdaylight rapidly disappearing, the party sets out for Morast

0:00 Fireday, 22 Lamashan

The party arrives in Morast. Loses 1 FP to Sleep Deprivation at 22:00 of 21 Lamashan.