2020-01-31 Session 11

Points: 5

PCHungerThirstSleep Deprivation

22 Lamashan

0:00 Arrival in Morast

The party (sans Kon) arrives in Morast and seeks out whomever may still be awake. They proceed immediately to the bar and find Lazne the village elder

Lazne, Morasti Village Elder
Lazne, Village Elder
, somewhat irresponsibly drinking with his friends before he testifies the following day. He tells them that he was there when they had fought off the Beast. He says that the Beast had killed lone villagers over a long period of time until they had set a trap for him. Lazne was there at the ambush. They had caught the Beast, chasing him with torches. The chase led to the boneyard (now abandoned). At the boneyard, the Beast was brought down by a blood caiman. He was believed to be dead ever since, until the Beast had been captured in Lepidstadt University. Lazne described the Beast as 7 feet tall or larger but could not describe his features, as it was night.

01:00 The Abandoned Boneyard

At the boneyard the party searches through the area and finds a few artifacts before a manticore that’d made a nest there discovers them minutes later and begins assaulting them. The manticore didn’t seem to engage them in melee, preferring to fling spines at them from the air. Anna summoning a chimp above the manticore’s back managed to dissuade it, and the manticore flew away, cutting its losses. The party looked on as it dissappeared into the night, thoroughly disappointed. Lazne slept through the encounter.

Looking through the island with more time to spare, the party found several interesting artifacts.


Norwich is handed the old wine and drinks it. He, for the briefest of moments, is able to see as if it were day. The party decides to leave for Lepidstadt. The party does not investigate the manticore’s nest.

06:00 Arrival in Lepidstadt

The party reunites in Lepidstadt. Everyone except for Kon has not slept, and have lost 3 FP to sleep deprivation. The party decides to hunt down whomever had owned those surgical tools. Anna is able to know that it was Zbraslav Hora who’d made the tools (the raven is his maker’s mark).

06:30 Zbraslav Hora

The party speaks with Zbraslav Hora in Anatomist’s Alley in the Surgeon’s Flats of Lepidstadt. He tells them that he’d sold the gear to a Vladka Kostel. Anna carouses with people on the street to find out who she works for and where to find her.

06:50 Vladka Kostel and Ollo Klud

The party tracked down Vladka Kostel. She works for Ledov’s Chirurgery Merchants, though her boss is Auction Master Ollo Klud. Vladka gives a brief description of who’d bought the tools but doesn’t remember their name. Vladka Kostel remembers the buyer of the tools as wearing an unusual high hat and green-tinted reading glasses.

The Auction Master, Ollo Klud

Ollo Klud
Ollo Klud
, is a stuffy, pretentious man with a bald head and tufts of hair above his ears. He is not about to release information on his clients to just anyone who comes in off the streets. The party, with help from the human face they’re carrying with them inexplicably, manage to convince Master Klud to reveal the identity of the buyer: a chirurgery supply shop in the Surgeons’ Flats, operated by a shopkeeper called Radniche.

07:10 Talked to Radniche

Radniche is a slimy person. Despite being informed that the party were investigating murder he didn’t desire to part with any information without getting bribed. Norwich intimidates the shopkeep, again making use of the human face, into telling them that the man who purchased those tools was Master Vorkstag of Vorkstag and Grine’s Chymic Works.

The party knows that the trial will start at 10:00, and has 2 and a half hours to use (they probably won’t get any sleep).