PCs: Anna, Emeric (AKA the Man from Galt), Kon, Lydia, Norwich, and Saorise.

Vorkstag & Grine’s Chymic Works

The party makes battle with Vorkstag & Grine (AKA Elon & Grimes). Vorkstag is knocked unconscious soon after he inflicts a temporarily crippling injury to the Man from Galt (-7 HP). Grine surrenders. Anna treats the Man from Galt’s shock (+1 HP) and then casts Major Healing on him (+6 HP), restoring his leg. Anna notices that Vorkstag has a scar on his shoulder which looks to be from the bite of a blood caiman. While Anna heals the Man from Galt, Saoirse, Kon, and Norwich explore the factory.

Saoirse explores E7, unlocks the E8 room and finds the Cabinet full of skins, including the skin of an 8-foot tall mongrelman which has insert description.

In the basement, Kon and Norwich explore the basement and find a locked storage room (Norwich picks the lock). They find some corpses in the coffins and Kon staked them all “just in case.” Past the storage room, they found a cold watery corpse room. Spooked, the two hastily retreated, re-locking the door to the storage room on their way out.

Upstairs, Saoirse finds a strongbox under Grine’s bunk and a golden key in a jar full of liquid. She fills three of her four empty vials with the jar’s liquid for safe-keeping. She presents what she finds and goes to explore other things after forcing Grine to drink the acid from the jar (-12 HP from imbibing a dose of acid, bringing Grine down to -8 HP). Norwich attempts to pick the lock on the strongbox. He triggers a trap and Ungol Dust is sprayed onto Kon and Norwich. Norwich conspires to keep the 200 electrum marks he finds for himself, though is very Easy to Read. He still manages to keep the majority of the electrum he finds.

Kon is dealt 7 FP damage from the Ungol Dust before he can recover from the poison while Norwich is unfazed.

The party leaves with Grine in manacles, Vorkstag being dragged, and Norwich carrying a strongbox with the mongrelman’s skin stuffed inside.

Ambush by the Men from Galt

Saoirse throws two of the acid vials she’d gotten from the jar at the Galtic ‘bounty-hunters.’ Saoirse murders two of the Galtmen in broad daylight before many witnesses. The party heads to the courthouse with Saoirse behind to loot the bodies of the fallen Galtmen.