2020-03-13 Session 14

Points: 5

CharacterSleep Deprivation
Anna Ivanov2
Norwich Buttersby2

22 Lamashan, Fireday


Saoirse loots 16 pennies, 18 farthings, and 4 Queen Anne’s Pistols off of the bodies of the Galtmen.


Anna uses on of her Healing Elixir’s on Grine (+6 HP to -3HP). The party speaks with Barrister Gustav Kaple about their plan for court that day. It’s decided that Lydia would speak as a witness to what they found in the Boneyard in Morast.
Saoirse leaves to a bush outside the courthouse to sleep. A guard wakes her and warns her of vagrancy laws. She decides to go back to the inn to sleep.


The trial begins. Everyone except Kon and Saoirse have Sleep Deprivation increase to 4.


Lydia provides her testimony somewhat convincingly.


The trial takes a recess and the party except Kon and Saoirse have Sleep Deprivation 5. They head to the inn to sleep, except Anna and Lydia go to the three sisters from Hergstag to ask them questions. They learn that the child Karin had died 2 days after the Beast had been driven off and that she had died with no marks on her and without any signs of entry.
The party sleeps for ten hours, reducing the sleep deprivation from 5 to 2. Emeric has a brief struggle with Insomnia but manages to pull through.

23 Lamashan, Starday, 0:00

The party buys a wagon and then heads to Hergstag.


The party arrives in Hergstag. They head to Karin’s house and fail to break through the windows. Kon pulls a crowbar out of his bag (gizmo) and begins working the nails that have been driven into the door. Emeric notices that the windows on the second floor appear to be untouched and undamaged and that the walls on the exterior seem difficult to climb.
Behind them, they hear the cries of a little girl. Turning around, they see a girl wreathed in black flames. A combat is soon to begin… Probably.