2020-03-20 Session 15

Points: 5

CharacterSleep Deprivation
Anna Ivanov2
Norwich Buttersby2

23 Lamashan, Starday, 02:30

The wraith-spawn of Karin appears behind the party, frightening them. They tempt them to come to a bear trap, but Anna wisely summons a bear, who trips it instead.

Just wait until I piss on your grave
– Anna Ivanov

In Karin’s house, Saoirse gets a pair of knitting needles ($5, neg weight) and a 12” skillet ($50, 8 lbs). Anna finds wood sculpture (1.5 cubic feet, $262.5, 48 lbs). They notice that Karin’s room has not been broken into through the window and that the exterior wall is difficult to climb.

The party splits into two groups to “save time:” Anna, Kon and Lydia in one group and Emeric, Norwich, and Saoirse in the other.


Anna, Kon, and Lydia go to the Chapel and place the wooden statue of [url=]Desna[/url] that they’d found in Karin’s house. This brings the hymn-singing Rachel and Karin into the chapel. They gasp, quickly approach the idol, and vanish, presumably passing on.


A rotting scarecrow leans on a scythe at the top of this low hill. Its pumpkin face is carved with a leer and a sheep’s jaw hangs flaccidly below.

Norwich notices that there is a hole near the scarecrow which leads to a cave. Emeric casts Sunlight on the hole, revealing that there are four skeletons at the bottom of the hole of either halflings (or gnomes) or children. They tie a rope and descend into the hole.

Simultaneous Fight

The groups fight a wraithling and Brother Swarm simultaneously in separate locations. Two Haunt Siphons are expended (used by Anna and Norwich).


Emeric exumes all of the graves and finds that all of the children except for Karin have broken legs. They bring the bodies of Ellsa and Karin with them to Lepidstadt with the hope of having the Holy Sister perform Summon Spirit.


The party arrives back at Lepidstadt. They speak with the Beast and he tells them his side of the story. Lydia gives him back his book of poetry and also writes him a poem for giving them the information.
Kon spends two hours (until 09:00) to research what he fought and he discovers that they fought a wraith and his spawn. He’d also learn that the community of Hergstag was highly religious (devoted to Desna).