2020-05-01 Session 19

Points: 7

27 Lamashan
2 hours pass. Anna heals Emeric completely. Emeric’s arm is destroyed, but one of three elixirs of Regeneration is used to restore it. Anna identifies the magic long staff as: Magic Long Staff of Vermin Control (has Staff enchantment, Power 15, $6645, 5 lbs, M30).

The party confers on what elixirs they actually have while resting for two hours. It’s now 14:00. They eat a meal of the count’s food and drink his wine. At 14:30 they continue exploring the Manse. They fight some rust monsters with an explosive fireball and an unfortunate chimpanzee. Saoirse triggers a summoning ring and the party kills an erinyes. Kon butchers it to extract alchemical reagents (which from now on will be handled with the rules provided in the sidebar on Looting the Bodies on Dungeon Fantasy 8 pg. 13).

The Party explores the Living Museum and finds many disturbing artifacts. They later on encounter the faceless flesh golem in a room with two painted sarcophagi. Upon seeing it behind a door, they close the door and retreat/prepare themselves. Session closes with the flesh golem opening the door.

Prime motivation for Anna in exploring the castle is to find the wizard’s spellbook, for surely his grimoire has some amazing spells in it (such as Golem and Enchant).

Treasure: Gold & Brass Scoreboard (G7; unevalutated, 3lbs). G13 Loot (Ian’s going to fill this shit in later). Short baton set with ruby and black onyx (confirmed magical, 0.25 lb). 3 vials of grey liquid which Kon mistakenly recognizes as healing elixirs.

Note: If you want the treasure that’s in the master bedroom, go there as a group.