2020-05-08 Session 20

Points: 8.

27 Lamashan

Anna casts Major Healing on Saoirse. Anna analyzes the wand from H2: Wand of Extinguish Fire (has a $300 ruby and $100 black onyx; Short Baton; $13,200, 0.5 lb). She tells Saoirse to destroy it and pry out the gems, which is done.

There are many rests…

Mummies are Easy

Saoirse loses 3 HP and 1 FP to acid fog trap. Kon loses 2 HP.

I rolled 80 times!

19:00 the party reaches the Drowned Menagerie.

Vorkstag’s Retroactive Formulary: Battle, Dark Vision, Invulnerability, Strength, Speed.