2020-05-15 Session 21

Points: 10
19:00 Fight the draugr.

Robinson rests for 70 minutes → 20:10

Lydia takes 1 HP burning damage from Anna’s explosive fireball.

Kill vargouilles.

Witness the fungi and immediately close the door.

Kon meditates poorly on his clearing of the stairwell for an hour.

Kon spends 80 minutes setting charges to the rubble in the stairwell and explodes the rubble so as to clear it faster. In another few hours they clear out the rubble.

The party realizes that they have to climb up the walls, and set up a knotted rope and spike to get to the second floor of the tower. There they find Treasure in an alcove: two strange vials (K9a).

Stop trying to make me drink poison!
– Austin

Robinson notices a black ooze on the ceiling of another room and closes the door.

Saoirse climbs across the room and begins to hallucinate because of a terrible fungus. She finds treasure: a potion and a wand (K9b).

On her climb back, Saoirse falls and breaks her leg (an injury which would take four months to heal). The fungi begin to move toward her, and Anna and Lydia spring into action. Lydia begins climbing down the rope they’d set up and Anna hurls spells at the fungi. An explosie fireball knocks out the two violet fungi and severely injures Saoirse and the Basidirond. Saoirse falls unconscious and begins drowning as she falls beneath the water. Anna drops a fucking bear on Saoirse and the basidirond (leaving Saoirse at -14 HP (she has 15 HP)). The basidirond attempts to make the bear hallucinate and succeeds. Unfortunately for the fungus, the basidirond promptly falls into a vegetative state. Anna conjures a chimpanzee to pull Saoirse out of the water. Lydia arrives several seconds afterward and attempts to resuscitate Saoirse. Unfortunately, the attempts last for four unsuccessful minutes and Saoirse dies of asphyxiation/drowning.

Meanwhile, Emeric and maybe Kon prepare themselves for a duel against a fucking girallon flesh golem.good luck on that…